What are the Different Types of Trailers? A Beginner’s Guide

What are the Different Types of Trailers? A Beginner’s Guide

If you have just entered the trucking business or if you are thinking about starting one, you will need to know at least the basics. Among many other topics, trailers is an important one since that’s pretty much what you will be using to load, unload, and carry goods across the states. The names themselves can be quite confusing for an inexperienced trucker as they are not exactly very self-explanatory. You need not worry though because we have you covered with this list that will introduce you to most types of trailers that are out there.

Pig Trailer

Used often, the pig trailer typically has just one axle in the middle. The load weight is held by two wheels and a drawbar connects the trailer to the actual vehicle for the towing.

Dog Trailer

Unlike the above-mentioned pig trailer, the dog trailer has two axles instead of one; one at the back and the other at the front. The back axle has the drawbar attached to it for towing.

Beavertail Trailer

Beavertail trailers are so-called because of the adjustable end flap and are perfect for truckers who need to haul various types of heavy equipment. They make the loading and unloading process so much easier due to the multiple angle adjustments that the flap offers. It does add a hefty amount of weight to the trailer though.


Meant to carry heavyweight equipment in particular for big trucks, the semitrailer may have multiple rear axles and wheels, but it will not have any axle or wheels at the front.

Boat Trailer

It is used to transport and carry boats around for both commercial transportation and personal use. The boat trailer generally has rollers to help you load and unload the cargo. There are also a few models that still don’t have them, but using a boat trailer without rollers may not be ideal in most cases.

Box Trailer

This is the kind of trailer that’s used when you are carrying cargo that you want to protect with an enclosure. The box trailers may or may not have a metal roof, but the ones that don’t usually come with a canopy.

Tray Body Trailer

Often known as a table-top trailer, it resembles a table top as it’s completely flat and has no sides.

Horse Float

This one is used to carry livestock and horses. It’s a specialized trailer, equipped with bays that keep the animals safe and secure during the transportation.

Caged Trailer

When a steel cage surrounds the cargo while transportation, it’s known as a cage trailer. The cage is a way of protecting the cargo and depending on the particular cargo, the protection level offered by the cage will change.


The last one on the list is the house on the move type of trailer. Caravans are built solely for living on the road and usually have all the necessary facilities for doing so built inside. Depending on the price of the caravan, they can be extremely luxurious or just plain minimalistic.

Now that you have had your basic introduction, you should be able to approach the market with a bit more confidence. Talk to other people in the business to get more clear ideas about the trailer/trailers that would be right for what you are aiming to achieve.

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