Get More Audience For Your Business Website

Get More Audience For Your Business Website

The major part of visitors of business website comes from search engines. How do you think, on what link in the search results users click the most? On the first, second, third. Sometimes a tenth. Only the most stubborn take the second, third page. See how you can improve or consider it at the beginning stage, let`s called it web company formation.

Optimization is a key

And where is your page? Sometimes it is not even included in the first hundreds of search. Therefore, the very first and foremost thing to do is to conduct an internal website optimization, make your pages pleasant both to visitors and search engines.

Internal optimization is a range of activities. It begins with the installation of the required plug-ins: Rus To Lat, All Seo Pack or alternative Platinum Seo Pack for SEO optimization.

But install few of them is simple not enough. You need to learn how to pick up keywords, title, and prescribe an attractive Description. And do it better than your competitors that users click on your link.

Raise the page in the search results, will help correct internal linking and ensuring the relevance of text user requests (matching the content of articles declared in the title).

For search engines is also important uniqueness of the content, the page download speed and user behavior on the pages, how long they are on the site, do they read, go to other interesting pages or run away immediately.

What is RSS Feed

Set up your blog RSS feed. This technology allows readers subscribe to blog updates, and through service announcements get your articles to e-mail. And in the first paragraph, write something useful to the reader, and not just, “This is my new article …” Otherwise, you won`t get much of result.

Not a bad way – creating email lists. In addition to the RSS feed you need to send mailings and announcements of articles on the basis of your subscribers.

This strategy will help to build long-term relationships with visitors, will push them to repeated visits to your project (repeated visits to appreciate the search engines).

Smart Article Content

You can post articles with a link to your blog or some other directories with high traffic. Each directory requires uniqueness of your article, some accept even articles with 50% uniqueness. The main thing is that the article should be interesting and make the reader go to your site.


It is clear that it will take a lot of time to find these directories, and even write (or multiply) several articles. But you get a bonus – a link to the directory. And it is necessary for better ranking of site, improving its position in the search.

Be Active with Commenting

Commenting on other people’s blogs with similar subjects is very useful. But it is important to leave the correct comment. It should be deployed, and encourage readers to visit someone else’s blog and your website.

Usually in the form of comments are included a link to the site. Leave there address of your article page, where you maintain the author or express a different opinion. Boring comments: “Thank you, it was interesting,” will not bring visitors.

Very nice course is to find a top-end competitor for your topic. And leave a comment on a post, and it is better to leave few of them. Attendance on the first page is good. If your comment is decent curious visitors will come to you.

Announcements of Articles

It is also helpful to place announcements of articles on social networks, bookmarking services. But it depends on attendance of your page or group in the social network, and on Twitter, for example, the quantity and quality of your followers.

In any case, install on your blog social networking and favorite buttons. Your readers will be able to share interesting publications with friends.

Make your project recognized

Make your project recognizable. It is proved that visitors click on the proposed link increases, if the location near the site has the owner of the blog photo.

Moreover, readers will remember these blogs, among many others, subconsciously looking for a familiar logo and go to the link.

Never stop the work

Analyze your blog for errors and defects. Select your article with most queries per month and modify it. Analyze the keywords, see what is good for competition and do better. You must try to get more search traffic.

Never stop!

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