What Do You Need to Know about a TDS Meter?

What Do You Need to Know about a TDS Meter?

Among all other things that humans have to worry about, health is the most important one. Nothing looks and tastes better without good health. The quality of your life and health of your body revolve greatly around the quality of water you drink on a daily basis. If the quality of water you are drinking every day is slightly inferior, it will show its signs on your body after a few years. This is why it is highly recommended and wise to drink only the purest water out there to remain healthy today and in the coming days.

A TDS Meter

When you are researching tools to check water purity and its contents, you will come across TDS meters. As the name suggests it is a meter for water that measures TDS. TDS means total dissolved solids. These solids can be any solids that water has picked on its way to the container in which you are testing it. They might have come from the rocks that water was flowing on or simply from the wastes of an industry that mixed with it at some point. A TDS meter will show you just how many total dissolved solids is there in your water i.e. anything other than pure H2O.

Detailed Understanding of TDS Meter

Total dissolved solids in water can be minerals or any ions floating through it. When you test the water with a best TDS meter, it checks the conductivity of water. Based on the conductivity it can tell you how many dissolved solids there are in the water. The thing to keep in mind here is that it will not tell you exactly “which” solid is in which quantity. It just gives you the overall picture of how many ions (positively and negatively charges particles) there are in the water. Read more here: https://www.atdsmeter.com

Since there are standards set for water to have only certain number or quantity of solids, the meter can tell you if the water you have is drinkable or not. Generally if the reading tells you anything above 500ppm, this water should not be drunk. Water that is considered safe for drinking should have a TDS meter reading of 500 or below. A reading above this number means there are too many dissolved solids in the water and drinking this water on a daily basis might do some harm to your body and body functions.

What’s important here is to understand that your TDS meter shows you the quantity of TDS in water as ppm – parts per million. What this means is that in one million parts of water there is a certain number of dissolved solids. In other words, if the reading says 335 on the meter it means in one millions parts of this water there is 335 parts of dissolved solids. The reading of a TDS meter is not as straight forward as it seems as there is a lot of conversion of units taking place in the back. However, as a person who just wants to know the purity of water, the reading is good assurance of the purity of your water.

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