Reasons to Choose a Professional Writing Service Over a Freelancer

Reasons to Choose a Professional Writing Service Over a Freelancer

Content is STILL King. It is as true today in 2017 as it was in the early days of Google. A great website will only get better with superior content. However, not all content is created equal. Business owners have come to realize that for your content to truly make a difference in search engine optimization, it must be unique, authoritative, and informative. It is not enough to just stuff the right number of keywords in the article anymore. Google’s algorithm updates are much more advanced now. That is why many businesses are choosing to hire professional content writing services to manage and write for their blogs.

The Cons of Choosing a Freelancer

While it may seem advantageous to hire a freelancer for your blogging needs, many people often find that it is too much to manage. Many freelancers are rookies trying to pass off as pros. They will often deliver content that is full of fluff and grammatical errors. After all, if it is not engaging your audience, it will not have a beneficial effect on your company. Many businesses have found out that they are just throwing money away on freelancers and getting back measly results. In the long term, this strategy may do more harm than good.

On the other hand, professional article providers that have built a reputation will always deliver a finished product that is ready to be published. There are a variety of services available for everything from product descriptions to article writing. Moreover, when you order from a business, they put their reputation on the line to provide you a service you can depend on. This puts more accountability on businesses versus freelance writers.

Con: Turn Around Time

One of the most inconsistent things you will find if you choose to work with freelancers is their turnaround time on the projects you assign. As a freelancer writer, the person feels entitled to work when they want and however much they want. Even if that is not the case, the freelancer might be piled up with work from other clients. If that is the case your assignment can be placed on the bottom of his or hers to-do list.

Con: Lack of Experience

When selling themselves, freelancers might try to lie or mislead you on the type of experience they have. I have run into this problem way too many times. While this may not be a big issue if your content is aimed at beginners in your niche, it might be disastrous if you are trying to inform your audience and your writer does not know what they are talking about. On the other hand, content writing services have writers that are experienced and even know what it takes to get a featured snippet in Google (a much-coveted spot in the SERPs).

Con: Inconsistency of Quality

There is one thing that will have visitors coming back to your blog over and over again and that is quality content. If you hire a freelancer, you might find that the first month or two they are delivering consistently quality writing. However, the more time progresses, they might begin to slack and let their content go down the hill. Professional services, on the other hand, have policies and quality guidelines that all writers are required to follow. This is done to ensure that the content they deliver to you is always consistent in the quality.

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