Should You Sell Your Used Servers?

Should You Sell Your Used Servers?

Individuals and companies are often left with a conundrum when it comes to their older servers. Is it a good idea to sell these servers? Or is it a better idea to destroy them so that the information on those servers is not accessible? It is a tough question to answer, because both options have their pros and cons.

When it comes to destroying servers, the obvious con is that you are losing money. While you will not recoup full value for a used server, they can still command a good amount of money. For an individual or a smaller business, destroying servers that are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars is not a great value proposition.

Even if you are upgrading to physical servers from Spectra, which offer optimum security, speed and storage space, you may want to recoup some money by selling your older servers. If that is the case, we can run down some ways to ensure that the servers, or other hardware, you sell is ready to go.

Selling Computer Hardware

When it comes to recycling or selling servers, or any computer hardware, there are important steps you must follow. The first thing to do is complete a full backup of all the files on the servers. If you have already migrated your servers to your new hardware, or a cloud-based solution, it is time to wipe the servers or computers. A proper data wipe is necessary to ensure that all files are deleted.

You may think that deleting files on the OS is enough, but those files are often recoverable. A proper wipe will ensure that even if someone tries to recover data from the system, they will fail. Here is a great guide on how to properly wipe all data from a server.

Reasons to Sell a Server

Aside from the financial gain, there are other reasons why you may want to sell your server. Physical servers take up a lot of space, and companies with smaller offices may not have any room to keep both the new and older servers. Sure, you could always keep them at a storage location, but what is the point of paying money to keep servers you no longer need?

If you are upgrading to a new server system because you want better performance or speed, it does not mean your older servers are garbage. If they run properly and have not given you any major issues over the past few weeks, they are perfectly usable. Sell them now, instead of letting them gather dust in some storage room. They will only lose value over time.

Selling Servers

If you have followed the proper procedure when it comes to backing up and wiping your servers, it is time to sell. There are a few options here too. You could either try to sell them online on the open market, or you could sell them to companies that build and sell servers. They will often take used servers that they can refurbish and sell on to other customers.

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