Tips To Protect Your Inkjet Printer From Clogging

Tips To Protect Your Inkjet Printer From Clogging

Ink clog is a situation when you refill your printer cartridge after it was short of the ink for some time, and it still fails to print anything. However, there are a number of ways to avoid your Inkjet printer from getting​ ink clogging on its printing head.

Print Frequently

In order to help the tiny printing heads of your Inkjet printer prevent from clogging up, it is recommended to keep printing frequently. For example, you can print something every 15 days using all colors like black, red, blue, yellow, purple and so forth. This way you not only save  your printer from becoming​ clogged but also help it keep the nozzles completely open.

Switch Off The Printer Carefully
Switching off the inkjet printer before its print head goes into the home position can lead to ink clogging. In general, the capping station is underside which is important to lock the printing head and prevent it from drying up.

Save The Printing Head

In order to continue using the same printing head, make sure you stop printing as soon as its cartridge runs out of ink. Because here the next drop of ink will help the printing head stay cool. In other words, if you continue trying to print even when its ink is finished, there​ is a higher chance of printing head ending up with damage.
Get Ink Refilling Kit From Reliable Supplier
Choosing to refill your Inkjet printer cartridge is a better option to continue using the gadget and save the money at the same time. However, it is a must to purchase cartridge ink refilling kit from a trustworthy supplier who has good customer reviews and reliable reputation for their products. Buying quality ink for refilling your empty cartridge is very important to help your Inkjet printer work for longer and better. Using inferior quality or old ink, on the other hand, can be one of the reasons to clog your printer head.
Increase Your Cartridge’s​ Life
If you want to continue using your Inkjet printer cartridge for a longer period of time, then store spare ink and cartridge in a cool and dark place as it will help you add years to its shelf span. In addition, make sure that you do not place tap water via the printing head of your Inkjet printer. There is no doubt that impurities can irreversibly damage your printer.
Use Majic Injection 
Sometimes, certain situations may occur when you badly need to get a  printout in the middle of the night and your printer starts running out of  ink.  For removable ink cartridge such as HP, you can make use of the Magic Applicator injecting some drops of Magic Inkjet Flush directly into the printing head of your Inkjet printer. Now use a quality paper towel for covering​ the printing head and shake its sideways for some seconds. This will help trapped ink inside the head mix up allowing you to acquire another printout at least.
Quick Fix For Removable Print Head Clogging
There are many printer brands such as Canon and HP that come with fixed and removable printing head. Like other Inkjet printers, they can also be victim of clogging. However, there is always a way to quickly fix the problems with such printers. Get a boiling kettle and bring the print head close to the running steam for some seconds. This will help remove clogging from the printing head. However, make sure that you immediately put the ink back in place along with​ covering the printing head using a paper towel. offers the best protection for your Inkjet printer so that you continue using your printing gadget for many years to come.
Article by Rick Hilton

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