TrackDat: Tracking your Way to a Better Lifestyle

TrackDat: Tracking your Way to a Better Lifestyle

While working with cancer surviving patients, the people at OGLA (Observable Global Life Analytics) came up with the idea of TrackDat as they realised the importance of making a simple yet powerful data analytics tool accessible to everyday people. When they first came up with this idea, it didn’t take long for them to realise that people were not interested in tracking every single thing about their lifestyle because they don’t see it as being worth it and it’s just not motivating enough. Due to the widespread use of wearable technologies, they realised that there was a way to simplify the process of data collection which is one way TrackDat solves the time consuming task of tracking your life.

TrackDat is essentially a lifestyle tracker aimed at bringing people dealing with similar problems or having similar goals together. How can brining people together help? Doing this means that it is not necessary for one user to collect comprehensive data about themselves because there are others going through the same things and multiple users can now be used for obtaining the data. This means that TrackDat gets more intelligent when more users join for following programs and work towards achieving the same goals. Regardless, this is not the only reason why this app is proving to be useful. Learn more about it at You can also find out more information on their Kickstarter at

Since the world has become extremely social, TrackDat has not forgotten about that aspect. In fact, it is defined as a socially driven digital life coach because it is built in with a TrackerSpace, a new social network. The purpose of this platform is to provide a meaningful digital meeting place for people with the same interests, goals, and lifestyles where they can share analytics and other data with each other. This feature is only offered as an option as people value their privacy and not everyone wants to share their data, analytics and other information with strangers.

Currently, TrackDat is not available to the public but it is in a closed alpha you can sign up for. Therefore, only a select few can access this app for the purpose of testing. The team at OGLA doesn’t want to release it until it has been thoroughly tested and deemed suitable. The core tracking platform has been developed and they have also finished data visualisations, program creation and repository as well as a very simple data analysis. For now, they have focused their efforts on the development of TrackerSpace and busy with building programs backed by research and implementing their complex intelligence system. The goal is to provide everyone with an app that can help them in developing a healthier and better lifestyles.

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