Boosting Your Organic Traffic Through Content Marketing

Boosting Your Organic Traffic Through Content Marketing

While a lot of people argue that the most reliable way of getting people to your website lies in paying for it (PPC), this usually isn’t the case. You see, more than a few surveys show that a quality web content tends to be incredibly consistent in the traffic it generates. Still, how does one make a quality content? On one hand, this may sound as something completely abstract, even subjective, but there are some factors that are more or less constant in the results they bring. With this in mind, here are few ways to boost your organic traffic through content marketing.

Come Up with Killer Headlines

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that even the best-written content isn’t worth much if you can’t get anyone to read it. Unfortunately, 8 out of 10 people online never read past headlines, which means that you will have to make some insane headlines in order to make people at least skim through your content. The best tips here are to make the headline direct, simple and easy to quote. There are several more tricks you can use, like appealing to your reader’s how-to instinct, asking a provocative question or offering the information that your audience might find generally useful. Things like quick solutions, little-known methods and secrets have a way of being particularly enticing.

Use the Right Keywords

The title of the work isn’t the only way for your readers to find the content they want. The right keywords can be equally as effective. You see, the only way that your audience is going to know for sure that your content consists of worthwhile information is if it contains the effective use of keywords. Most niches already have established keywords and you can easily find them through a standard tool such as Google AdWords. Still, in order to get the most out of this, you need to learn how to make effective long tail keywords. In this way, you can be much more specific about who you are targeting and therefore make the main objective of your marketing (and what your clients are getting out of it) more straightforward.

Boost It with Visual Asset

In one of the previous sections, we already mentioned that online audiences aren’t very inclined towards reading. Well, meeting face on with a wall of text isn’t going to make things easier for them either. What GWM SEO Sydney company will tell you is that the most effective way of encouraging people to get interested in your content is by adding a visual asset to it. A topic-related image, infographic or even a short (teaser) video, might get you where you want to be much faster. This is especially supported by the fact that about two-thirds of all people out there are visual learners. All in all, making your content visual makes it easier to digest.

Scout Your Main Competitors

Even though creativity brings great results, in a world with 644 million active websites, it is highly unlikely you will come up with something completely new. This is why you might want to try a bit of good old industrial espionage. There must be something your competitors are doing right and it definitely wouldn’t hurt for you to visit several of their blogs and check this out for yourself. You can also see the resources they are using and topics they are covering and in this way get an inspiration to come up with something original.

Make it Shareable

Finally, the most important of it all is that you learn how to make your content shareable. Here, just being well-written isn’t going to cut it, you need to make a story that evokes one’s desire to share. To put it this way, you need a content that promises social validation, a content that is at the same time entertaining, interesting and has a practical value. In a situation where you manage to appeal to people’s personal beliefs and causes, you will get what you aimed for.

In Conclusion

Even though some of the above-listed tips might seem somewhat specific, the greatest thing about them is the fact that they apply to nearly any type of content. One last thing, quantity is a quality of its own and even the best-written, most interesting content won’t help you if you don’t upload on a regular basis. In other words, you need to be constantly on the minds of your audience and make them coming for more. This way, you can easily give your website a massive traffic boost without having to pay for it. When it comes to the issue of cost-effectiveness, it simply doesn’t get any better.

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