Inside Design: How Online Slot Machines Are Built?

Inside Design: How Online Slot Machines Are Built?

The popularity of mobile slot machines has rocketed as compared to the land-based counterparts. The evident proof to this is the much higher turnover of the online industry as compared to the real life gaming.

In the beginning, players were quite sceptical of the online gambling. They had various speculations about the mobile slots, trusting the machine being the major. But it wasn’t long before they realised the benefits and the fun associated with different kinds of slots. There are a plethora of slot game developers today.

Developing a Mobile slots Machine

Online slot games require a lot of efforts and time before they can be launched for the players. The entire process can take up to a year and demands time and energy of many dedicated professionals. Game designer, game tester, server developer, mathematician, graphic designer, and configurator, all are an integral part of the complete development process of an online slot machine. In the beginning, a common basic framework is employed for research and development for every game to make sure the final products are all different from each other.

Roadmap to the product

Developing games require a lot of thought process. Developers take calculated steps while developing a game. The first step in the slot designing process involves determining the concept, which involves inputs from the creative and product management team. After deciding on a particular concept, marketing team conducts an analysis on the trends and statistics.  The next challenge is to assess the features to attract a larger audience. Let’s say, there are various games based on Egyptian and Roman civilisation, the developers can then decide to pursue something more archaic like Mayan civilisation. After finalising on the theme of the slot, the next step is to decide the mood. Whether the mobile slots is to be more cartoon like or reality based?

Sometimes, the slot is based on pop culture, or about a specific movie or musician. The team needs to research on the characters, highlights and main scenes, and then, mould it into a realistic game.

Creative and market analysts’ team finalises on the theme and mood, deciding on the tiniest details of the slot. There’s a lot of brainstorming on how to make the slot different from the competitors. The obstacle is to make a slot that is simple yet engrossing. The final motive, obviously, is always to satisfy the player.

The Variance factor

One of the most crucial factor while developing a slot is deciding the variance. The developers need to determine the audience they aim to attract and accordingly, devise a low, medium or high variance slot. In low variance slots, jackpots are lower in value. On the other hand, high variance slots offer the best jackpots. A medium variance mobile slots are the combination of both low and high jackpots.

Determining the success of mobile slots

The success of mobile slots depends on various parameters. The money it makes, its popularity amongst the players, how often the player plays it is some of the criteria that determine the success. A good slot machine is a combination of excellent graphics and animations, one which offers an engrossing gameplay, and not to forget the rewarding bonuses.

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