Some Perfect Examples of Product Goals

Some Perfect Examples of Product Goals

Like all teams and employees, your product managers should have clarified goals that align with the top company priorities. In fact, setting product goals is one of the most powerful ways to ensure successful follow-through, so it’s imperative for product managers to use an effective goals management framework, like Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

To help guide your Product team, we’ve provided a set of product goal examples. You’ll see that for every Objective, there is a set of accompanying Key Results. As with all OKRs, your product managers and employees should not have more than 3-5 KRs accompanying each Objective.

Take a look at some Product OKR examples:

Head Of Product

Objective: Launch the new product successfully

Key Results:

  • Conduct 25 customer development interviews
  • Review 15 usage videos via & summarize internally
  • Do 2 training sessions on the new product for Marketing and Sales teams

Product Manager

Objective: Develop a New Product Vision for Q1

Key Results:

  • Interview 50 prospects and gather feedback
  • Specify 5 elements in UX mockups to increase product’s usage engagement
  • Get internal feedback score of 10/10 from sales team

Product Designer

Design major interactions by end of Q4 for new product

Key Results:

  • Hold 3 strategy sessions with QA engineer by end of November
  • Present 3 prototypes to Head of Design by end Dec. 7
  • Give designs to engineering by Dec. 20

What else? Do these look like the types of measurable goals your Product team is setting? What’s different about yours? How might you make them more measurable, aligned, or clear?

If you’re a CEO, an executive, a middle-manager, or a front-line manager of any team, please take a look at how you can improve your team alignment, performance, and results through OKR goals and ongoing performance management. Here is more about Atiim OKR.

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