Share Photos and Videos Safely with SecureTribe

Share Photos and Videos Safely with SecureTribe: Review

Every time we post our photos or videos on social media, there is a nagging fear at the back of our minds that they might leak and fall into the wrong hands. Yet, we are unable to escape from the trend of sharing our beautiful and happy moments with loved ones and friends. Luckily, there is a secure alternative boasting end-to-end encryption in the form of SecureTribe. This modern social network has been especially designed to provide you with complete privacy and security when it comes to sharing parts of your life with anyone. You are provided with absolute control over who can access your personal photos, videos and other data.

When you download SecureTribe, you can rest assured that nothing will be shared with anyone who hasn’t been granted access. You can do this by creating Tribes and customize settings as per your preference. There are two kinds of tribes you can make; there are private tribes that can only be accessed by those who receive an invitation from you. Hence, you have the freedom of inviting whoever you wish and excluding who you want to keep out. You can have several private tribes, keeping your workplace and family separate.

The other option is to create Public Tribes. The content you post here will be seen by those who are part of the SecureTribe community. These tribes are primarily used by artists, celebrities, bands or even models who want to gain more exposure. SecureTribe also allows you to create limited-time subscriptions, particularly when you want to promote your content. Again, this is great for celebrities as they can introduce unique offers for their fans where they provide them free access to their content for a limited time period like 100 days. You can also post limits to the number of people who can subscribe.

In a nutshell, SecureTribe can really come in handy for people to keep their personal and professional lives separate by creating separate Tribes for them. This can eliminate a number of problems and streamline matters. There is also the option of liking and rating photos, videos and other content shared by others. Furthermore, you can also chat with your friends by using the built-in feature provided. Last, but definitely not the least, you have the controls so you can decide what people can do with the content you have shared, even with authorization. With a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, you can start using SecureTribe in no time at all.

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