Six Tips To Help You Stay In Touch With Your Corporate Recruiter

Six Tips To Help You Stay In Touch With Your Corporate Recruiter

Why should you want to keep in touch with corporate recruiters? Whether you’re looking for a job, or you just want to connect, building a long-lasting relationship with a recruiter can have a lot of benefits. HR departments can’t hire everyone; but they don’t mind keeping records, especially when it comes to preserving professional relationships with candidates that matter. Here are 6 key tips to help you make yourself memorable.

  1. Regular conversations

When it comes to connecting with recruiters, it’s very important to keep a professional attitude. Whenever you’d like to get it touch, be sure your message is simple, concise and to the point. For example, send them a monthly email and ask them if the company has any available position. You can ask for some input on your last interview, or talk about a recent qualification you got. It’s worth giving your recruiter a chance to change their mind.

  1. Ask for job opening updates

Recruiters in all domains spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. The business platform is an excellent platform for finding top talent. Consider following them on social media, and you will get updates when a new position opens up. Never miss a message, and if you come across a position that fits you, give them a call; or send them a message to remind them who you are.

  1. Update recruiters with important news

Did you recently pass an important exam, or completed a certification? Let your recruiters know. Update them on what you’ve been up to lately, or at the very least, send them an email to ask if they’ve decided on a candidate. If there’s a job position that really interests you, don’t be afraid to chase it. Hustling will eventually get you that dream job you’ve been craving for so long. Try not to confuse hustling with being too persistent. You don’t want to give the wrong impression that you’re desperate to get the job.

  1. Ask for guidance or advice

There’s nothing wrong with asking for some guidance from a recruiter. They may not have a position available for you right now, but who know what can happen in the future? Be polite when demanding reasons for not choosing you. Convince that you were a qualified candidate, and they will appreciate your perseverance. Send them a weekly email reminding them who you are. Lay out your expertise once again, and express your drive and determination to work for their company.

  1. Send recruiters tips

You may have been the best candidate for the position advertised. But if they didn’t choose you and are looking to hire someone from a different department, you can offer your assistance. We all have friends passionate about certain domains; if your recruiter is currently looking for a web designer, but you’re not the one they’re looking for, you can contact them to tell them about your friend. Building business relationships is vital.

  1. Make yourself available

Job seekers are all different. It’s natural to have different priorities and aspirations in life. But it’s important to be polite when speaking with recruiters. If they call, make time to have a conversation; don’t just hang up the phone shouting you’re no longer interested in the position. Oftentimes, you can reply them in an email. Do it even if you’re no longer available for another interview. Listen to what they have to say or offer; at one point in the future you might need them. It’s best to be open-minded and polite.

Job seekers should value their corporate recruiters. Whether or not you were hired at your last interview, it is important to maintain the professional relationship. Connect with them on social media, follow them, and interact every one and then. Send them appropriate bespoke corporate gifts just to remind them that you’re there in case something comes up. If you show them that you’re true team player, you’ll have a lot to win in the future. Recruiters appreciate candidates that are respectful and prompt. The goal is not to buy or bribe them with a gift; but to make a long-lasting impression that goes a very long way.

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