The Importance of SQL Skills For Testing Profile

The Importance of SQL Skills For Testing Profile

SQL skills are important for every Oracle developer, knowledge of SQL will add the quality in testing profile. SQL is a standardized query language which is highly recommended for people who want to improve and switch their profile for database administrator or software tester.SQL has very important role to play in testing.

The tester should be good in handling SQL queries and understanding the SQL instructions.As SQL is used in backend testing.A tester has to write the query so that it can be verified that information which is entering in the front end is storing in the database properly. So sql test is mandatory for the testing profile.

Why you need a tester in your company

The demand of software tester is increasing day by day, Testers are able to test the overall functionality of the system through various testing methods and they can easily use their technical expert knowledge in testing all the aspects of the system.Every company which has software functionality be it product based or service based it require someone who can test techniques and make them right at the moment.Suppose, you are going to make one website project live as the developers have done their task but you need some expert knowledge to verify it has proper and long lasting functionality.

Does a Tester require SQL skills?

The tester can be of two type the one who do manual testing using the basic knowledge of database or the one who has expert knowledge of SQL and database testing.You can test sql if these tasks you need to be tested in your company.

 Projects /situations where SQL knowledge is needed-

  • Data migrations
  • Database up gradation
  • Business Intelligence projects
  • Data warehouse

What knowledge of SQL & Database are must for a tester?

SQL knowledge is something every tester should have to justify the role and designation, but do you know what kind of skills are must hire a tester, SQL is a wide term, so when you are going to hire for the testing profile make sure that the candidate has the knowledge of these aspects-

  • Recognize database and its various types
  • Have expert knowledge of database connections for different clients
  • Can be able to write SQL basic and complex queries
  • Know everything about database tables, indices, and keys

How you can test SQL knowledge of the tester

It can be a little tricky, for handling technical aspect of candidate you need to have technical knowledge which is not an easy thing.Well, there are many websites available who can provide you best SQL assessment test online, When any candidate apply you can send him or her direct link to the SQL test which can help you to know the knowledge level of the candidate as per his answers.You can fix your standard like the one who attained 60% or more marks in the test is only able to enter in the second round.

It is mandatory to ensure and test the knowledge of candidate before hiring for any stream.There are several online assessment tests available which will enable you to access the basic and advanced,both kinds of assessment of knowledge and skill test.You can use both levels of knowledge assessment for a single candidate as well.

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