Top Social Messaging Apps You can Use Today

Top Social Messaging Apps You can Use Today

These days, it is difficult to be lazy or tough due to technology. Connecting has become easier than ever thanks to the invention of the smartphone. Gone are the days of sending letters, using the landline or even using a mobile phone because all you need is your smartphone. Even if you don’t have access to a network, a Wi-Fi hotspot can open up numerous avenues for you to contact someone and get in touch. How? This is all due to the numerous social messaging apps that you can download on your smartphone. There are a large number of these apps, all packed with different features and you can opt for the one that suits you.

Some of the top social messaging apps you can use today are:


Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp came as a surprise to many, but in the long term, it was a sound investment as the messaging app was on its way to the top. Today, it is one of the most renowned social messaging apps that has a substantial number of monthly active users. This cross-platform app works for iOS, Android and Windows phones and you can even download it on your desktop PCs. You can use it to send text messages, make voice calls, even send voice messages, send photographs, videos and also share spreadsheets, documents, PDF files and slideshows through the app.

Facebook Messenger

You cannot talk about social messaging apps and ignore Facebook Messenger, the social giant’s own creation. Initially, the downloading of this app was optional, but later it became essential if you wanted to chat via Facebook on your smartphones or tablets. Since then, the Messenger has been revamped and doesn’t just offer you an array of stickers, but also lets you send pictures, videos and voice messages. Free Wi-Fi calls can also be made, which has boosted its popularity. A story option similar to rival Snapchat has also been introduced.


With teens, Kik is a very popular social messaging app because you don’t have to hook it to your phone contacts. All you have to do is create a username and email address to make an account on Kik. It is also the first messenger app that comes with a browser of its own and it has been designed to sharing web pages, YouTube videos, sketches, memes, stickers and photos all through the app. Kik is customizable and has a very good design that appeals to youngsters. Fine more here: Kik Contacts


The Japanese have come up with their own version of WhatsApp in the form of Line. This voice calling and mobile messaging app boasts gaming and social networking features that give typical messaging a touch of social entertainment, something quite new. It is great for free group or one-on-one chats and you can also use it for calling your friends or family with voice or video calls, both domestically and on an international scale. There are also some charming and quirky cartoon characters and stickers and these make communications a lot more fun.

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