3 Ways to Market Better to Women

3 Ways to Market Better to Women

When you think about advertising, you have to consider your main audience. Many types of people will see or hear your marketing technique, but there is usually a target. Today, we will discuss the women in your audience. Women are finicky about the details sometimes, but when it comes down to it, they want the same basic things anyone else wants; to feel safe, wanted, and needed. But what does that have to do with marketing? Everything! Below are three ways to incorporate these three basic needs into how you market your product or service to women.

Feeling Safe

Women have always been strong and outspoken, for the most part, able to defend themselves and their families. But in the past, they were commanded to, or at least encouraged to keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves. In 2017, they are not only encouraged to speak their mind, but many women are in a place where if she doesn’t, no one will. This doesn’t change the insecurities she faces on a daily basis. The way you present your business should make her feel like she has back up and that she’s not alone in her daily struggle.

Being Wanted

There are several things in the daily life of a woman that can make her feel wanted or pushed away. This is common sense. Everyone wants to feel like someone wants them around and enjoys the quirks and realness that is them. Your product should do the same. For instance. Say your company sells scented candles. It’s nice that you want women to be able to have a break from all that stresses them out, but let them know it’s because their friends and family WANT them to stick around and enjoy their company.

Being Needed 

Women fulfill so many roles. They are wives, mothers, friends, sisters, daughters, CEOs, factory workers, school teachers, and preachers. The list could go on forever. Women are also the softer side of our communities. Their compassion often outweighs that of their male counterparts. They see things others can’t. We need our women! Let your marketing reflect that. Whatever service or product you advertise should help the woman to do better in her needed field. It should say, “Yes. We acknowledge that you are very needed here. Let us help you do better.”

Women are precious and necessary for the survival of the human race, of course, but are also needed to help the world keep turning as it should. We need our mothers, wives, friends, etc. Make sure your company makes that well known the next time your target audience is women and feel free to return here for help doing it.

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