4 Key Tips for Planning a Memorable Bachelorette Party

4 Key Tips for Planning a Memorable Bachelorette Party

Planning an exciting bachelorette party for a friend or yourself means you can your hair down and be honest about what you find appealing. Even if you rarely drink alcohol, never openly ogle men, and haven’t uttered a single profanity in your life, bachelorette parties provide the opportunity for you to experience many different firsts. Of course, hosting a party that commemorates your last day of singlehood doesn’t mean that you have to participate in a female version of “The Hangover.”

What you should do is list all of the things that you’ve been meaning to try and give yourself permission to have loads of fun. Get tickets for an exotic male stripper show such as Hunks the Show or take a wad of cash and head over to the casino. The main component of a great bachelorette party is ensuring that your closest friends will be there with you to celebrate. Here are four tips you can’t miss if you want to hold a bachelorette party that is one to remember.

1. Make Your Guest List Early

When you are going to celebrate such a special occasion you want to be certain that your best friends will be able to come. Additionally, creating a list in advance will help you to avoid forgetting to invite anyone. Hand out bachelorette party invitations and have guests RSVP so that you can get an official head count. If the date conflicts, you can always schedule it sometime else so your party plans are not spoiled.

2. Know Where You’re Going to Eat

Bachelorette party attendees need sustenance, usually to help pad the copious amounts of wine they sip. Since you’ll want your guests to have a lot of energy, you need to think about what you all are going to eat. Stop at an all-night diner after you hit the club or bring snacks with you that can be eaten while on the road.

3. Keep the Party Moving

Whether you rent a catered hall or host your bachelorette party at a private apartment, you should keep all of the guests occupied by presenting different events. Hire a driver so that you can show up on time to a show and be chauffeured to a fine dining restaurant afterward.

4. Don’t Forget About Relaxation

While hosting a high-adrenaline bachelorette party is a grand idea, eventually, you and your guests may get tired. Plan to pamper yourselves at a spa where you can get massages and have your aching feet doted on. This will also provide the bride-to-be a great chance to chat with her guests and take some time to reflect on recent events. You may also want to relax by doing a little bit of shopping, perhaps for a new wardrobe for your honeymoon or some trinkets to go around the house.

Once you know what you are going to do for your bachelorette party, you can then turn to picking up cheesy party favors and start getting excited to celebrate this special day. Getting married is definitely going to change your life, so take this last opportunity to cut loose and have an awesome time. Just remember that you don’t want to do anything that you wouldn’t want your parents to hear about!


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