5 Reasons to Respect Your Employees

5 Reasons to Respect Your Employees

Respect is a necessary component to any good workplace. While you should be treating your employees respectfully for ethical reasons, what are some of the more concrete advantages?

More Effort

When employees feel that their time and effort is being respected and appreciated, they’re much more likely to put extra care into their work. On the flip side, should you belittle or antagonize your employees, you’ll quickly find that they’ll do the bare minimum to complete their jobs and nothing more, which will have a decidedly negative impact on your bottom line. As any experienced manager knows, nothing is worse for production than unmotivated employees.

New Skills

When employees feel respected, they’re more likely to stay with your company and pursue upward advancement. On the other hand, employees who feel disrespected are unlikely to pursue the additional educational requirements for these positions, but a valued employee will happily learn new skills to stay with your organization.

Legal Protections

Frequent disrespect often coincides with a violation of employee treatment laws, and you can rest assured that there are more than a few voracious attorneys who protect employee rights. To stay on the right side of the law, it’s best to err on a side of respect and understanding, lest your organization find itself mired in an employee rights legal battle.

Attract New Talent

One of the largest deciding factors for job applicants is an organization’s turnover rate. If your employees are regularly quitting due to negative relationships with management, you’ll soon notice that applicants are avoiding your organization like the plague. If you cultivate a positive relationship with your employees, however, the best and brightest talent will be clamoring for an interview.

Attract Investors

While a nice bottom line is always a great way to secure investments in your company, there’s something to be said for happy employees attracting new investors. Everyone wants to feel like the hero, and investors are much more likely to support your organization if they can feel that they’re simultaneously helping the employees who work at the lower levels of your organization.

More Than the Right Thing

Respecting your employees isn’t only the moral decision as an employer, but it also offers you significant fiscal rewards. By improving the way you treat your employees, you can ensure that your organization continues to grow and thrive.


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