Advertising: The Superman of Any Business

Advertising: The Superman of Any Business

Once upon a time, in a city far away, there was a man, we’ll call him Enoch, who wanted to start his own auto mechanics shop so he could make a living and help his bride to have the house she always dreamed of. He took out loans for materials and tools, built the business with his own two hands, hired the employees, and fixed his budget. But on opening day, Enoch was gravely disappointed. No one came. “What did I do wrong,” he thought to himself? He quickly realized he had not advertised.

Below are some ideas that can help.


Almost everyone watches t.v. From young to the elderly, television reaches the masses. In about two minutes, the length of the average commercial, you can enlighten millions to the type of service you offer, where you are located, and what kinds of deals you are giving. This form of advertising takes a pretty penny to set in place, but the profits it could generate usually make the expenditure well worth it.

Look For The Signs

How many times have you been driving down the interstate only to realize you are starving? You need sustenance and you need it fast. The first thing you do is look for signs advertising restaurants or fast food venues. When house hunting, one of the first ways you know a house is for sale is by viewing the for sale sign in the yard. Our friend, Enoch, might have even made a banner and hung it up in town somewhere. Signs can advertise to those who don’t get to see a whole lot of t.v. Traveling businessmen and women and families traveling on vacation would be best advertise to this way.

Word of Mouth

At the end of the day, after the commercials and signs have brought you customers, word of mouth is what will draw whoever comes afterward. This form of advertising is great in small towns, especially. Family values are stronger here. If Dad trust’s Enoch’s auto mechanic skills, then I can. Unfortunately, advertising depends on your reputation. People will sing your praises if you do your job well. However, they will warn the masses if you don’t. Make sure you deliver what you advertise.

After Enoch had a chance to go home and think about things and consult his lovely bride, made a commercial for the local television station, had some yard signs and two billboards made, and looked over his employees’ resumes one more time just to make sure he had the best quality workers he could have. The next week, his profits took off like Superman on the way to save Lois Lane and his employees did such a great job, profits doubled the next week. Enoch became a rich man and lived happily ever after, because he learned the value of advertising.

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