Building A Functional Business Website: 5 Essential Tabs To Create

Building A Functional Business Website: 5 Essential Tabs To Create

One of the most important steps towards creating a successful business is to design a successful website.  A company’s web presence is just as important to the longevity of the business as is a brick and mortar store location.

More than half the population of the world shops online each year.  As a business owner, you want to get in on that market.  Creating a well-planned web design is the first step towards digital greatness in business.  Here are a few of the most essential tabs to include in the design of your new business website.

Give customer service a break

The best way to supplement your customer service department is to create a well-rounded Frequently Asked Questions page on the company website.  Like this excellent example shows, there are a slew of general questions that continually arise.

It is easier to simply incorporate the repetitive inquiries in the website’s FAQ page, than to waste customer service time answering the same question over and over again.  Surveying the public’s most frequent inquiries will also help you to fine tune your web design.

Provide the platform for communication

Communication is a vital resource in business, especially when you are working in the digital realm.  Without proper visual and textual communication, it is difficult to build a successful business.

It is even more difficult to run a successful website without stellar communication provisions.  Design a clear and concise “Contact Us” page, and answer the inquiries promptly.  People appreciate feeling heard, and their appreciation could flow over into sales.

Tell the public a bit about the company

A website should build a general rapport with the company’s target audience.  The company’s “About Us” tab is the best place to begin building a relationship with the viewing public.  Write out a short bio (and add a cool headshot) describing a few of the company’s top professionals.

The “About Us” page is also the place to share your dreams for the organization.  Share the company’s mission statement and creed.  Let the web viewers see what you stand for as a business.

Build a collection of quality content

You will need to understand the impact of quality content.  The internet is basically composed of loads and loads of content.  If your website has a good foundational collection of enriching content, the site’s visibility will reach much further.

When readers like something they read on your website, they will share the piece with friends.  Those friends will share with others… and so on.

Stale and pitchy content will not make much difference in your site’s visibility (or Google rankings for that matter).  Invest time and money into the content that is posted on your site.

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