Five Brilliant Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Five Brilliant Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Submitting a job application or resume is the first step on the path toward getting a job. The next step is sitting down for an interview with the owner of the business or perhaps the hiring manager of a company. The interview gives an employer the first real look at you as a job candidate. Also, it gives you the chance to learn more about the position and the details of the job. Naturally, you want to do everything you can to make a positive first impression on the interviewer. Discover five tips that can help you to have a successful interview with a potential employer.

Dress in a Professional Way

The way you dress reveals how serious you are about getting a job. If you are interviewing for a job in an office, you may want to wear a suit. Alternatively, if you are interviewing for a job as a cook in a restaurant, you should wear khaki slacks or a stylish skirt along with a button up shirt and maybe a cardigan. Men and women who are interviewing for a job position should look neat and clean. The type of clothing a person wears to an interview depends on the specific job position. Furthermore, the clothes you wear to a job interview don’t have to be expensive. But, they do have to be well-chosen and wrinkle free.

Arrive Early

Another valuable tip that can contribute to a successful job interview is to arrive earlier than the specified time. As you sit in the waiting room or outer office, you can take off your coat, collect your thoughts and focus on what you need to do. Also, when a candidate shows up early, it conveys excitement and interest in the job. Owners and hiring managers definitely want employees who are excited about the work they do.

Turn Off Your Phone and Put It Away

During the interview, it’s best to have your phone off and stashed inside your pocket or purse. If your phone is in your lap, it’s too easy to glance at it if you receive a text or an email during your interview. Your potential employer wants you to completely focus on the conversation going on in the interview. Looking at a phone or other technological device gives the impression that you are not serious about getting the job. Plus, it is simply bad manners to focus on a phone while there is another person sitting across from you. If you’re worried you’ll take your phone out of your pocket or purse, leave the device in your car while you interview. There will always be time to check it later.

Ask Questions at the Appropriate Time

A job candidate who asks questions during an interview is showing true interest in the work. It’s a good idea to jot down some questions and memorize them before the day of the interview so you can ask them without looking at any notes. For instance, you may want to inquire about the opportunities for advancement within the business or company. Or, perhaps you have a question about the overall goals of the business and what it has achieved in the past. No matter what questions you have be sure to wait until the appropriate time to ask them. You want to be respectful and courteous to the interviewer at all times.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Ideally, you want every item of information on your resume or job application to be positive. But, if you have a criminal record, an employer may hesitate when considering your application. One way to help this situation is to check into pardon services in Canada. Resources such as can help you to seal your criminal record making it easier to highlight your best qualities for potential employers.

Finally, taking the time to prepare questions, choose a professional clothing ensemble and get into the right frame of mind can contribute to a successful job interview experience. Sometimes just a little bit of preparation can make all the difference on interview day.

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