How Useful is CBAP Certification?

How Useful is CBAP Certification?

The Demand Of CBPA Certified Professionals Will Increase In Near Future

CBAP stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional. It is an advanced levels business analysis course designed to gain advanced level skills in the active planning, creation and modification of business planning, and effective documentation. Achievement of this certification makes a professional a top-class business analysis expert capable of providing a solution for complicated issues related to any business in any industry. The course prepares a professional to be dynamic and skilled in accepting recent changes and become innovative in providing possible solutions with the growth and change of the market. CBAP certification is a high standard business analyst course designed by IIBA (International Institute of Business Analyst).

Who can opt CBPA certification?

The course is designed for the professionals who are already working in different industries bearing responsibilities of a business analyst. Personnel in the field of project management or data analysis can also go for CBPA certification. The aim of the course and certification thereof is to prepare the existing professionals more intensively in the field of business analysis so that they can cater to all the present needs of a dynamic organization understanding newly evolved issues and providing a feasible solution for the same.

Aim of the course

Examination for CBPA certification is taken after the completion of business analyst course modules successfully. The purpose of the course is as follows:

● Understanding business analysis from the contemporary business environment.
● Reviewing all fundamental concepts of business analysis and related methodologies.
● Understanding principle and practices of business analysis.
● Getting knowledge on how to conduct business analysis at different levels in any business enterprise.
● Finding fundamental requirements and documenting them for appropriate authority for ready reference.
●  Analyzing all the requirements in a professional way that would help to find out an appropriate solution.
● Assessment of solution feasibility and validation of the best solution.
● Developing core competencies that can help in achieving organizational goal year after year.

Prerequisites of CBPA certification

Following are the prerequisites for appearing in CBPA examination for CBPA certification:

● Minimum 7500 hours work experience in the field of business analysis in the last 10 years.
● In this 7500 hours of above-mentioned work experience, 900 hours should be in the field which is mentioned in the BABOK Guide Version 3 knowledge areas. In this guidebook, total 6 areas are mentioned, the applicant needs to have 900 hours work experience in at least 4 of these areas.
● At least 35 hours in the last 4 years the applicant should have deployed for professional development.
● Two references from any one or two of the following types of people: A Career Manager, an Internal or External client, and an existing CBPA certified professional. Moreover, the references must meet some other conditions which can be known from the available guidelines.
● Consent and signature on the paper possessing the details regarding the code of conduct.

Benefits of CBPA certification

This certification brings a huge benefit to the professionals and opens up many new career opportunities. Here are some benefits of CBPA certification:
● It enhances the competence of the professionals to a great extent thereby increasing the chance of employability and management’s dependency on the professionals with CBPA certification.
● It is a clear identification of the certificate holder’s capability to handle any kinds of business analysis irrespective of the nature of the business or the position of the company in the market.
● Hiring a CBPA certified professional is also an aim of many companies around the world because it helps them to get the best professionals who are already trained.
● It also makes a company more authentic and more capable of handling a project as the client is more interest to work with a company that can provide a well established business analyst. Checkout- What Are The Key Objectives of a Business Analytics Course?

As per the available data, the demand for able and recognized business analyst will increase with time. In this circumstance, a CBPA certification can be a strong support for a professional in this field because the industries are already aware of the value of the certification.

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