Product Placement: How to Get Your Name Out There

Product Placement: How to Get Your Name Out There

When you have a product to sell, it’s important to know how to get your brand name out there. You want to shine a spotlight on your product and brand name so more people know what it is and what it can do for them. This is the most basic idea behind advertising, and knowing the right way to go about it can save you a lot of time and money. Just giving away free samples isn’t enough, knowing how to draw in customers and appeal to the right crowd is part of getting your branding right. Here are some tips to help you reach out in the right ways.

Distribution Tips

One of the most important aspects of product placement is getting your product into the right distributors. Whatever you have, you want to make sure people are able to get it. This means getting it into an array of stores within your community and beyond. A lawyer can help you set up ways to get this done on paper an contract with new partners who carry it.

Reach out to different stores that would benefit from having your product. Talk to them about carrying your product. If they use distributors, find out who those distributors are. From there, you can then talk to one of the distribution companies to see where they would suggest your product to be stocked.

Once you start getting your product distributed to different stores, it’s important to be able to ship faster. If you cannot keep up with demand, it will result in stores stopping carrying your product just as quickly as they started. Investing in software that will help you to keep up with the demand and your in-stock levels will ensure you don’t let levels deplete.


Sometimes, it takes giving your product away to get your name out there. Don’t be afraid to give your product away inside of giveaway bags from time to time. It could lead to such things as endorsements and sponsorships.

Consider creating a trial size version of your product to give away. This will make it easier for you to give the product away. It will also give people just enough of what you have, to test it out and fall in love. When they want a full size, they will have no choice but to then buy it from you.

For example, you could team up with a local hotel. Whether you have shampoo, soap, cookies, or something else, team up with the hotel and give away a box or two of sample-sized items. It gets your name out there and allows you to place your product in a local establishment.

Customer Service

You should also be focusing on customer service at all times. If you want to distribute your product, have a lot of positive reviews out there. This includes on Facebook. When you have better reviews, it makes it easier to convince retail partners to put your products at eye level and on end caps. Keep an eye on what people are saying and respond when appropriate to give your brand a voice online.

Product placement doesn’t have to be a challenge. You just need a good product and the willingness to give some of your products away to get started.

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