Super Simple SEO Secrets Most Businesses Don’t Know

Super Simple SEO Secrets Most Businesses Don’t Know

One of the trendiest things that we can say about digital marketing is that SEO is dead. People cite the constantly-changing landscape of the digital world as proof of the death of search engine optimization. Most believe that SEO doesn’t work anymore and social media holds the power. It is said that the average consumer will not listen to anything or believe in anything unless they are provided social proof, such is the stronghold of social media. However, there is one fact that everyone needs to understand; you cannot use the same stick for measuring all SEO strategies.

Unsophisticated SEO strategies, commonly known as black hat SEO tactics, are essentially the spam of search engines. Page swapping, conspicuous commenting and keyword stuffing are just some of the techniques that can get your website blacklisted. But then, there are also the sophisticated strategies, commonly known as white hat SEO tactics, which enhance the customer experience by providing them the answers they are looking for and fulfilling their needs. This SEO is still alive and all businesses can reap its benefits. Most business owners have a basic understanding of SEO strategies, there is one key technique that can work wonders for your business, even today and it is back linking.

Sophisticated SEO is based on the premise that you don’t need the loudest voice for connecting with your audience. Instead, you need to figure out what they need and create a resource for meeting their need. Basic strategies indicate that customers want to spend the smallest possible amount of time searching for answers they want. According to Franchise SEO expert, Tom Johnson, the most reliable sites are often determined by search engines according to the number of backlinks they have. Essentially, a backlink is just a link to your website from another webpage. This seems simple at first glance, but most businesses struggle in determining the backlinks that should be targeted. In this regard, you can learn more at

The inefficient use of backlinks is a defining characteristic of an unsophisticated strategy. Moz conducted a recent study, which showed that higher rankings are strongly associated with links. This means that you will gain an advantage in the digital marketplace if you implement backlinks properly. You have to be highly selective when choosing backlinks as the goal is to provide your audience with tangible value via the links. This means you should opt for a reputable and reliable source, preferably the authorities in your industry. The idea is to put all the information together and save the consumer from this hassle.

Hence, your job is to create a website that accumulates all vital information pertaining to their question that allows them to draw their conclusions. You should focus on developing a content marketing strategy, which attracts backlinks to useful and meaningful information. An excellent way of engaging, educating and entertaining potential customers is via the use of visual content marketing such as videos and infographics. Don’t try to trick people into visiting your website; your goal is to make your customers happy when they do come in order to ensure SEO success.


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