The Best Local SEO Tools 2017

The Best Local SEO Tools 2017

As a small to mid-sized company that depends on the actions of local consumers, Local SEO is one of the most important elements of an SEO strategy that shouldn’t be taken with levity. Knowing where to start when beginning a new SEO campaign can sometimes be very challenging. Thankfully, there are a lot of local SEO strategies and resources you can employ to ensure that your web contents are optimized with the local SEO keywords for search engines. But are all the local SEO tools perfect for you? How do you know best Local SEO tools to try and the ones to ignore? These are questions we are ready to provide an answer to. This article will open your eyes to the best local SEO tools 2017. We know there are some local SEO strategies that might not provide you the best result. So we decided to bring you the following tested and true local SEO tools that can be employed to guide your SEO efforts.

The Best Local SEO Tools for 2017

  1. Places Scout

Places Scout is used for rank tracking, keyword research, lead generation, monitoring of business reputation and much more.

Pricing: paid

If you are looking for an automated all in one SEO tool for your local SEO needs, Places Scout is the best way to go. It provides you all the local SEO tools you need in a single place to monitor the online presence of all your business. Their major tools or features are:

Rank Tracker: With the rank tracker, you can monitor your organic and local search rankings to determine your business’s reputation in all the main search engines.

Online Review Monitoring: This tool will provide you the real picture of the online reputation of your business. This is done by gathering and monitoring the reviews from Google and other top 20 review sites with multiple data views, new review alerts, and overall summary metrics.

Citation Finder: you can get a clear picture of you client’s competitor citations and your client’s citations with this tool. The citation provided is examined for NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) exactness and uniformity.

Lead Generator: If your business appears in Google searches but needs strategic intelligence data, this exactly where to get it and a lot of it. It has more than 400 data points to provide a competitive advantage for any business.

Business Listing Audit tool: It allows you to have a clear picture of your business’s NAP rankings in the top main listing sites. With this, you can recognize the site that has incorrect NAP info about your business with ease, to make the necessary correction.

Multi-location Management: It allows you to grasp, summarize, and sort out large quantities of data for your locations.

  1. MyPresences

MyPresences is used for promoting online business presence

Pricing: paid

Are you looking for the best new opportunities for your business? If yes, My presence, the world’s broadest and most advanced local SEO tool might be able to help. It helps businesses to find out or make their presence known on 1000+ online apps and services. You can perform a regular check to update your business with the top new opportunities since new features, apps, and services are added on a regular basis. MyPresence offers 14 days free trial and a paid service starting from $14.5 to $49 per month.

  1. Google My Business

Google my business is used for managing your business’s online presence on Google search and maps.

Pricing: free

This is tool allows you to edit and verify your organization or business information to make it easy for customers to locate you or learn about your business story. With your business information on Google search and maps, you can easily attract new customers and interact with them and maintain their patronage with regular updates. One important feature of Google My Business tool is that it allows anyone to use it to grow their business for free.

  1. Synup

Synup is used for analysis, monitoring, location management and much more.

Pricing: Paid

Synup is an all in one local marketing tool you can use to improve your business presence, enhance reputation and manage your location data. Some of the features offered by this tool include:

  • Location management
  • Monitor interactions
  • Instant sync
  • Niche specifics
  • Respond back
  • Analytics
  • Widgets

If you want to see how your business is doing, this tool is for you. It cost $30 per month per location, and as your volume increases, its cost reduces.

  1. Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO Checklist is used to improve business search rankings and online presence.

Pricing: Paid

The LocalSEOChecklist is an amazing local SEO tool to take your business to greater heights. It is powered by Synup. It contains all the tools you need and how to use them to improve the online presence and ranking of your business. Simply open them, use them and come back with your testimonies.

  1. JSON-LD Schema Generator

This tool is used for generating JSON- LD Schema and adding its structured markup to a page.

Pricing: free

This tool will help you generate the right JSON-LD for any page on your business website with ease. The tool is very easy to use. Using this tool, you will successfully increase your SERPS or rank on search engines.

  1. MOZ Local

MOZ local SEO tool is used for analysis, reputation monitoring, location and data management, and much more.

Pricing: paid

MOZ local is an outstanding local SEO tool a vast growing local business cannot do without. It does not only help in the submission of your business listing data to the publisher but also boost your local performance and maximize your business marketing power. It comes in 3 different packages with different prices. The Essential package comes at $9 per month, professional at $15 per month and premium package at $21 per month.


Above are the best local SEO tools 2017 to boost your local business marketing power. Although there are lot more local SEO tools that are suitable for your local business, the tools mentioned above are those we found more reliable and reasonably priced. Whether all you care about is improving your business online presence, reputation, or finding new and loyal customers, these local SEO tools are the most reliable companion you cannot do without.


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