What Your Company Growth Means for Bringing on New Hires

What Your Company Growth Means for Bringing on New Hires

Good news: Your company is growing! This is an exciting time, but it’s important to remember that your old business practices might not work for a larger model. For example, you’ll want to expect some changes in how your company brings on new hires. Here are some things to consider during your growing period.

Larger Talent Pool

A larger company garners more prestige, and that prestige can easily draw in more potential hires. With a larger talent pool, you’ll want to reconsider how your organization sifts through various applications. Your HR staff may find they can no longer read individual cover letters, and new practices may need to be put into place. It may also behoove your organization to invest in software to screen cover letters and applications for the traits and skills that you’re most looking for.

Brand Responsibility

As a larger organization, you’ll quickly find out how important a brand identity can be. Your brand is not only the ideals and practices that your company follows, but it’s also the people who work at your organization. While a good employee reflects positively on your brand, unreliable and lazy employees will have a negative impact on public perception of your organization. You know you’ll have a larger talent pool to select candidates from, and this means that you’ll have the opportunity to be more selective when choosing applicants to fill your openings.

How can you go about hiring employees who will protect your brand’s image? First, don’t be afraid to raise your standards. Larger organizations often have the luxury of being able to require more experience and education in their employees, and more experienced workers are often more reliable and more likely to positively contribute to your brand.

Moreover, it’s always a good idea to run a background check. Financial scandals can be terrible for public relations, so you’d probably like to know that your applicant for a financial position has a history of making poor choices with their own money. By employing the use of regular background checks and other screening tests, you can rest secure in the knowledge that your organization is only hiring on people who will help develop your brand in a positive way.

On the whole, it’s safe to say that a larger organization faces more challenges when deciding to bring on new talent. Company growth is a highly sought-after accomplishment that you should be proud to achieve, but it’s important to know what new issues will come with your organization’s increased size.

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