4 Tips For Dealing With Negative Yelp Reviews

4 Tips For Dealing With Negative Yelp Reviews

In this modern age owning a business means that you will have to deal with people leaving their opinions of you scattered on the internet.  While there are many sites which they can use as an outlet, it’s the client review websites which make the biggest impression.  When people want to look for the best veterinarian in town or where to book online for their next vacation, they tend to navigate toward Yelp first to get a feel for how they are rated.

Often even in the best of establishments there always tend to be a few bad reviews.  Rather than panicking and assuming that this has completely ruined your online presence, remember that the effects are not irreversible.  Here are some of the best tips for dealing with unfavorable Yelp reviews when they come your way.

Have a Voice

Don’t be afraid to reply to the reviews on your Yelp page.  If someone says that they had a negative experience make sure to reply with an apology and present them with a solution or explanation.  One of the worst things that you can do is simply leave a bad review sitting there.

When a potential customer lands on your Yelp page and sees a horrible review which hasn’t be responded to, this leaves room for them to believe that this could be true about your business.

Always remain polite and remember that any response that you leave should be entirely professional diplomatic.  Even though it may seem like only a comment box in the grand scheme of things, this is a reflection of your business and should be treated as if the entire world is watching.

Encourage Your Community To Review You

At the end of the day, a rating is a numbers game.  The more positive ratings you have compared to negative ratings will make a difference.  Therefore, if you get one bad review, try to balance it out by asking your loyal customers and friends to leave a review of their own.

This way, with enough positive reviews piling on top of the negative, you should be able to make it disappear in no time.

Keep Up With Appearances

It’s important to keep up with your online image regularly.  This means posting regularly on all of your social media platforms and keeping an eye on any negative reviews or comments which pop up.  The earlier you can catch things the easier it can be to remedy them.

When your customers see that you are involved with your online presence it will read as caring about your image and your overall performance.

Don’t Take It Personally

Above all else remember that any negative Yelp review isn’t something that you should take too personally.  Try to remember that usually when people go on rants online it has less to do with you and more to do with themselves.

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