Back Pain and Your Business

Back Pain and Your Business

Back pain is one of the top problems that is affecting the competitiveness and profitability of businesses across the world. Due to this, workers and owners of businesses are watching their lives and their dreams go to waste faster than they realise. Back pain makes it difficult for workers to get into the office and focus on their role.

If you leave it unchecked, this problem can spread and sabotage the efficiency of your workforce, your resources and therefore your profitability.

It Affects Your ROI and Productivity

Back pain costs many businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Some even more. It is the major cause of reduction in mobility in workers under the age of 45 years, and it is the leading cause of visits to the doctor in the us each year.  It is also the leading cause of sick days in businesses.

Between economic depressions due to reduced work performance and the debilitating effect on your workforce, the drain on your productivity is huge. Not taking into consideration the losses you experience due to missed business opportunities, loss of customers and prolonged cash flow cycles. What should you do in such a situation?

Go for Ergonomic Chairs

They say prevention is better than cure. One of the ways to stem the negative effects of back pains is by making sure it doesn’t happen in the first place. You can do this by providing ergonomic chairs for all your employees at the workplace. These chairs offer lumbar support and make sure the workers maintain the right posture while working.

Ergonomic chairs aren’t expensive, especially when you consider the losses you stand to incur if you sit back and do nothing. Each of your employees has a unique body composition, which makes it vital that you determine the body weight and size of each employee before making an order for the chairs, or ensure you order chairs that are fully adjustable.

Offer Regular Breaks

One of the issues that lead to chronic back pain is prolonged strains on the back. Strain on the back is often a result of maintaining a single position for too long. Sometimes this can be standing – but in offices, it is usually as a result of an employee sitting at their desks for far too long.

To this end, make sure you give your employees time off work to reduce the strain on their back muscles and ligaments. Doing this helps refresh the muscles and make them active, reducing the risk of back pain. 5 minutes every hour, as well as longer breaks periodically using does the trick.

Maintain a Proper Safety Policy

Sometimes back pain can be caused by something a bit more traumatic. Another major cause of back pain is accidents in the workplace. Most accidents at the workplace occur due to poor safety policies and can be prevented.

Ensure sure you come up with safety regulations that prevent workplace accidents.

Final Words

Your business will benefit greatly in the long run if you take the time to prevent back pain amongst your employees.

Employees suffering from back problems reduce productivity at the workplace and lead to a high employee turnover. Make sure you purchase the right ergonomic chairs for your employees and promote a viable safety policy. Additionally, maintain a good working schedule with regular breaks so that your employees have time to move and stretch to take pressure off their spine.

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