How A Change In Attitude Can Kickstart Your Career

How A Change In Attitude Can Kickstart Your Career

These days, finding people who are engaged by their line of work is a difficult task; not many employees are experiencing feelings of fulfillment when it comes to breadwinning in the 21st century. Indeed, the mechanical rigidity of unrelenting and busy schedules has naturalized a feeling of “going through the motions”.

If you find yourself consistently waiting for the arrival of the weekend, you’re not alone. According to recent studies conducted by Hays Canada (and featured in the Huffington Post), about half of people are dissatisfied by their working conditions. A solution to the epidemic, however, may lie in a simple shift of one’s thinking, as well as little bit of self-criticism. Here are a few tips to transmute your state of discontent and bring you to a happier place – with or without the promise of the weekend acting as your primary beacon of hope.

  1. Do Something You’re Passionate About

If you disdain your job, it’s important to think deeply about what it is you’d prefer to be doing. After a period of introspection, it’s time to go out into the working world and find the position to motivate you and still pay the bills. It’s important to, at the same time, be practical about this ideal line of work; pursuing something of which you’re capable and for which you’re qualified is always useful, so as to not overwhelm yourself with unachievable goals.

How A Change In Attitude Can Kickstart Your Career

  1. Don’t Let The Work Be Easy

Always go above and beyond – no doubt, in the working world, we must hold ourselves accountable for everything. Therefore, cutting corners and shortcuts of any kind are a sure – fire way to stifle growth in the long-run. It’s best, then, to take hold of opportunities and unexpected challenges, so as to further one’s skill set and demonstrate flexibility. The added benefit is a break from a potentially mind-numbing routine.

Going out of your way to learn the ins and outs of your trade is essential; take every chance you can to further your professionalization by trying new things and gathering a variety credentials, because nothing ought to be easy and, if you’re to get ahead, you’ll need patience, whether you’re more of an entrepreneur – ready to pick up and move wherever an opportunity may arise – or you’re hoping to be spotted by financial recruiters in Toronto – or just about any sprawling metropolis, from New York to L.A. – some patience and diligence is needed while pursuing the path towards the perfect career.

  1. Stand Out From The Crowd

Don’t robotically follow orders and complacently carry out tasks; ask questions and be as resourceful and intuitive as you can be, while making clear any points of contention you may happen upon. Open yourself up to criticism and, most importantly, remember that an employee-employer relationship is necessarily a two-way street; each party relies on the other in various regards. With this in mind, if you feel worthy of an increased salary, express that sentiment! Don’t be afraid to approach your boss if you know that you are a worthy advocate.

In short, you don’t need to find yourself stuck in a monotonous position – there are plenty of options when it comes to honing your skill set and your position within a given company. Following these steps will ensure a positive change in just about any working environment!

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