Here’s a Guide on How to Crack Zip Password

Here’s a Guide on How to Crack Zip Password

When it comes to securing our personal or official data, we always tend to set complicated and long passwords which are not easy to remember. Also, when you need to transfer or email a lot of files at once, you may create a zip or rar archive to transfer it to other person. If the data is important, you may even set a high security password to make it secure to ensure no one can open the zip file without providing the password set by you.

But there are situations when you forgot the password created for your zip as it could have been a long time creating the zip file. Even though the zip file is safe and secure and contains many important files, it is of no use if you can’t access the files. To overcome this problem, you can always rely on the Zip Password Recovery to crack the password set for your zip file easily.

Best Zip Password Recovery Tool:  ZIP Password Rescuer

When it comes to zip password recovery, you cannot get a better tool than the Daossoft ZIP Password Rescuer as it can recover all lost and forgotten zip passwords at high speeds. The zip password recovery tool will help you recover passwords from zip files created using various zip archiver tools like ZIP, WinZip 7 Zip and others. The software uses many attack modes to recover the zip password and some of the attack types are:

Brute-Force Attack

This is the most commonly used attack type employed by the zip password recovery software, if you can specify a range and the tool will try all possible character combinations within the range specified. Since the software is highly optimized, if you password is not so long and complicated, you have every chance of it getting recovered quickly

Brute-Force wit Mask Attack

If you can remembers some part of the password, this method will be employed to set a mask symbol for only the words you can’t remember. This is one the highly recommended methods, as you may definitely have some clue about the password even though you can’t remember it completely. This method will help you to find your password quickly.

Dictionary Attack

When you don’t have any clue about the password set by the zip file, then you can go for the dictionary attack. It attacks the zip file by trying all the character combinations from the built-in dictionary that comes with the software. You can also create your own dictionary if needed.

Smart Attack

As the name suggests, this is one of the smartest attacks employed by the software as it includes all possible character combinations available. It may take some time, but will get you the password for your zip file.

Here’s a Guide on How to Crack Zip Password

Product Highlights:

  • 100% guaranteed recovery of your password
  • Pretty much simple and easy to use interface without need any advanced technical knowledge
  • Recovers password from zip files created from Zip, WinZip and 7Zip software’s
  • High recovery speed

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