Important Details to Know About Car Servicing

Important Details to Know About Car Servicing

Just like we need to go to doctors for a complete check-up to make sure our health is in good condition it is similar with our cars as well, and the experts to whom we need to go for car check-up are the mechanics. While designing, manufacturers do a complete car service which makes sure the car runs smoothly on road without any issues.

Elements to Check Under a Car Service

During a car servicing, several essential things are to be mandatorily checked with respect to the car. The common things are explained below.

  • Transmission oil or Engine oil: The engine is the heart of the car and it needs to function properly for the car to survive on road. The oil and the filter need to be changed for both the engine and transmission frequently for the car to run smoothly. The color of the oil would get changed as soon as you replace it with the new one. The new oil would be clean, lighter and would give better mileage as well.
  • Coolant or Brake fluid: The engine coolant should be changed after the car runs for about a thousand kilometer for better performance of the car. The brake fluid should also be refilled or replaced at regular intervals.
  • Tire condition, balancing and rotating of the wheel: It is essential to check the condition of the tires. There are chances of wheel swapping that may occur when the car gets any rotation or alignment.
  • Air filter: The air filter must be checked by opening and taking it out. It should be cleared every time and should be changed after the car has run for about a few thousand kilometers.
  • Odometer reading: It is always advisable to go for a short test drive after each servicing. A longer distance should be covered if any changes have been done in the engine.

Learn about Various Types of Servicing

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There are different types of car services offered by the mechanics. The type is usually decided based on the current condition of the car and obviously the pocket pinch. The common types of car service are explained below.

  • Oil and Filter Change: Oil and filter change is one of the most important type of service and usually the basic one that all cars should have. It ensures that the car runs smoothly and increases the fuel efficiency of the car. All the garages usually do a visual safety inspection of the car even if the customer pays only for the oil and filter change. Though, it is not guaranteed that they would check all the parts including the brakes.
  • Basic or Interim Service: All the services include the previous one as well, so in basic and interim services they also check the filter and oil. They would top up all the fluids in the engine including the brake fluid, steering fluid, washer fluid and the steering fluid. Here they usually check 35 basic components of the car and ensure the overall condition is good. Some garages do check the brakes and the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure if all the parts are in working condition, though this service cannot be expected from all.
  • Fuel Service: Along with all the basic checks as described above it also includes about 30 additional checks on the parts of the car. However, these services do not include any part replacement.
  • Major Service: Here additionally it includes change of the spark plugs, change of the fuel filters and some other additional services as advised by the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer’s Service: It includes almost everything concerned with the car. Needless to say it is the most expensive one as well.

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