Why Have Annual Review of Finances for Small Business

Why Have Annual Review of Finances for Small Business

Like spring-cleaning at homes, small business owners must make it a habit to clean up the business elements once a year to get better organized with finances. Besides taking inventory and decluttering your office, review all aspects of financial activities from revising your business plan to reviewing your business expenses and from managing cash flow to looking into the debt position. The exercise in economic refreshment will infuse new confidence in business owners and would help to take care of the loose ends that are adversely affecting the business momentum. In this article, we have discussed the ways you can refurbish your business finances to stay ready to avail the growth opportunities that come across.

Relook into your business plans

Like any other small business owner, you must have a business plan to aid the process of strategic planning and take business decisions.  If you do not have a written business plan, make sure to do it now. The time of spring-cleaning brings the biggest opportunity of relooking into the company strategies to do a quick review so that you can make updates that take care of the goals that you might have set as per the current business needs.

The business plan provides the blue print of your business ideas and guides the business right from inception through the entire life cycle. The plan lays the foundation for building business goals, and it helps business owners to set priorities about using time and spending money. With the help of a business plan, you would be able to anticipate the hurdles on your way and be prepared to avoid potential risks.  The business plan also helps in obtaining larger business loans necessary for business financing as many lenders like banks and credit unions would insist on a business plan.

Review the debt position

You may have several debts running concurrently, and during cleaning, you can review the complete debt position to gauge your company’s exposure to debts. Debt reviews help in keeping loans under control as well as limiting the number of creditors because managing too many creditors can often become stressful and cause problems in proper servicing of loans.

Refurbish your business expenses

Get organized to stick to the schedule of payment of quarterly taxes, which is the responsibility of all small business owners. Have a dedicated bank account specifically meant for paying taxes and keep sufficient cash in the account so that you can meet the tax liabilities. Have different accounts for business and keep it completely separate from personal accounts so that there is no overlap and it is easy to identify expenses related to business. It would help to make timely payments of taxes.

Stay afloat financially

Have a close look at the business purses to know how your business is faring concerning available cash and profits. It would help you determine the actions to take that would ensure that you maintain healthy cash flow and keep making profits.

Finally, assess your credit needs and review options to boost the finances.

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