How to Process Orders During Your Busiest Seasons

How to Process Orders During Your Busiest Seasons

Peak seasons can result in a busy workload that might be difficult to complete if you do not have the appropriate solutions in place. Unfortunately, this can result in a lack of employee morale, inaccurate orders, and dissatisfied customers. We are therefore showing you how to process orders during your busiest seasons.

Offer Incentives

Your busiest seasons can often result in highly-stressed employees, who might experience low morale that impacts their productivity levels. It is therefore essential to keep your staff both happy and motivated during peak periods. One way to do so is by offering an incentive, which will make employees work much harder to meet orders on schedule. For example, you could provide them with a monthly bonus if they meet a deadline.

Operational Improvements

Make necessary operational improvements to improve the picking process for employees. For instance, reduce the steps a picker needs to take to retrieve an item or slot products correctly. Aim to automate different elements of the business when possible.

You must also review the facility to identify if there is room for improvement to be made. For example, a customized conveyor belt can make the manufacturing and picking process much easier. Turn to to learn more about their customized sorting solutions.

Provide Steady Shifts for Employees

Don’t add to employee stress by scheduling them in for varied work days, split shifts, and different working hours. Increase employee morale by providing your permanent employees with reliable shifts and work times, which will make them happier during peak seasons. What’s more, the steady shifts will prevent you from having to hire temporary employees to fill empty working hours.

Promote Hardworking Employees

Even the most hardworking, loyal employees will become demotivated if there is little thanks or reward for their efforts. Don’t allow talent to go to waste and maintain employee commitment or enthusiasm with career progression, which will allow you to retain your best staff whilst improving your business. Their positive attitude will also allow them to lead by example, which will encourage other people to work just as hard.

Introduce Portable Workstations

Are your pickers forced to walk to the other end of the warehouse to review inventory data or order information? If so, you are not only wasting their time, but you are reducing business productivity. We therefore recommend introducing portable workstations, which will allow employees to gain access to a computer terminal with ease, instead of walking the length of the warehouse to review order or inventory details. As a result, they can focus solely on the picking process, which will allow your business to process orders at a faster rate – which is essential during peak seasons!

Train Your Employees

A lack of productivity could be a result of a lack of training. Improve internal processes by providing the knowledge, tools and experience an employee needs to excel in their role. The training can aid their performance in the workplace, which can lead to faster picking, packing and shipping, so you will never disappoint a customer.

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