Rewarding Your Employees: 4 Innovative Ideas to Encourage Excellence

Rewarding Your Employees: 4 Innovative Ideas to Encourage Excellence

Rewarding Your Employees: ”In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.” –Aristotle

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business’s potential. Without these fine individuals doing their best for your company, you would not do nearly the amount of business you need to be doing. For this reason, you should want your employees to continue to give you their best. This leads you to a serious question.

What are you doing to encourage your employees to do well and exceed your expectations? If you are not giving your employees good reasons to consistently engage their work with a significant level of high performance output, then here are a few ways to reward your employees that will help them to continue to provide your company with a consistent level of dedication and hard work.

Provide Excellent Coffee

You may not realize this, but employees around the globe judge the company they work for by the coffee the employer provides them with to drink. While this may be an initial expense you will have to shell out for improved performance, quality coffee sends the message that you understand your employees on a whole new level. It is one way of rewarding employees that both spikes their energy and lets them know you appreciate them: even when you say nothing at all.

Praise Is King

A lot of times employees will not give their all, because they have no real idea that working harder makes a difference in the eyes of their employer. Imagine working hard and never being praised for all the hard work you do. When an employee feels underappreciated like that, they tend to just do the minimum. When employees sense that their employer truly appreciates their work, the reward that comes by way of verbal praise can motivate an employee to increase their performance level many times over. So, never underestimate the importance of praising your employees.


One way to get an employee to strive for excellence in your company is to reward good work with an awards ceremony. Public acknowledgement of an employee’s performance, before their peers, can be a great honor and motivating factor.

Additionally, a trophy provides an employee with a physical token of gratitude and appreciation to show off to others for the achievements they have reached in your company. You can have one custom made by businesses like Australian Laser Tech or similar companies. The more prestigious the trophy’s significance, the harder employees will work to become noticed as an outstanding member of your employee base.

Give Them a Raise

After you have exhausted other avenues of rewarding excellent performance in your company, the reality is that your employees have a bottom line just like your business does. While an employee loves to be appreciated and acknowledged for their hard work, nothing says “job well done” like a raise in the employee’s eyes.

It is important to remember that the main reason your employees work for your company is to earn money. For this reason, money typically speaks louder than any other method of reward you could provide. The simple act of giving an employee a raise says directly that the value you place on that employee has increased to a new level.

Rewarding your employees for their excellence is a policy that defines a healthy business. Businesses that fail to reward excellence and high performance will typically not get the most out of their employees. In fact, these companies may find it difficult to keep quality employees around. So, as a business owner, it is smart to reward employees to let them know how much you appreciate the contribution they make to your company’s overall success.

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