Acquire Your Rights with the Help of Property Settlement Lawyers

Acquire Your Rights with the Help of Property Settlement Lawyers

Not always all conflicts end in the issuance of a court decision, there is still a so-called. Pretension or pre-judicial order of dispute settlement – i.e. when you send or voice your claim to the opponents, they agree in full or in part with the claimed requirements and you want to consolidate the agreements reached in writing.

Why is this important in writing?

In order to:

          A) Do not be afraid and do not think whether the conditions reached in the negotiation process will be met or not?

         B) In order for you in the event of non-compliance with these agreements, there were arguments in court that you tried to resolve the situation by peace, but because of the actions of the opposing party, you had to take further action.

         C) Argument to demand the implementation of the agreements reached, relying on indisputable evidence – their signatures under the Agreement / Protocol of Settlement of Disagreements, etc., in which case no one will accuse you of unfounded pressure, unnecessary demands and enforcement of non-existent agreements.

Why in such situations you may need a lawyer?

Equally important is the fact that a properly drafted document – given the law and the agreements reached, gives you a chance to demand the implementation of this Agreement, and will not deprive you of the opportunity, in case of its non-fulfillment, to demand fulfillment of the main obligation.

Example: You have concluded a contract for investing in real estate construction, the contract is not really implemented, construction is not going – time is running out, inflation is eating up your investments, devaluing them. You send a claim to the Developer and he agrees to discuss with you ways out of the situation, you come to their office where you are naturally waiting.

You slip the prepared paper, which seems to take into account your requirements, but in fact – the Developer fixes in it:

  • that the terms are increasing,
  • or money will be returned on some schedule
  • or something else

Pre-trial settlement of a dispute by a lawyer includes:

  • analysis of the disputed situation on the basis of information and documents of the client;
  • assessment of the circumstances that are relevant to the development of the position in the dispute in the interests of the client;
  • assessment of the quantity and quality of the evidence available;
  • assessment of the need for additional evidence, assistance in their search and formation;
  • selection of the norms of legislation, confirming the legitimacy of your position in the dispute;
  • assessment of the prospects of pre-trial resolution of a dispute and in court, the definition of a legal position;
  • drawing up, processing of the claim and sending it to the address of the person who violated your rights and legitimate interests

Property Settlement Lawyers will help you how to prepare a claim, and develop documents for resolving the situation by taking into account both the prospects of a possible legal case, and taking into account your vital interests.  In the very near future, if you will be in a need of any professional property settlement lawyer for your case, you can simply contact to us at our official number.

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