How To Run A Successful Instagram Contest

How To Run A Successful Instagram Contest

With its 700 million active users daily, Instagram can prove to be a profitable sponsor in social media marketing. If you are musing over the best way to gaining followers on Instagram fast, promoting your brand, product or service, then running a contest can serve the purpose. Here’s an article that will equip you with the guidelines for running a successful Instagram contest.

Lay out your objectives before running the Instagram contest.

A. Plan a relevant and suitable hashtag for your contest, as hashtags make your brand accessible to the audience in a single click. Perform Instagram hashtag research before deciding on your own hashtag. Make sure your hashtag is precise and unique.

B. Chose the appropriate contest type to achieve your goal. Among the many types of contests being run on Instagram, a few are:

  1. Telling the participants to like your post by double-tapping for trying their chance to win. It is a simple type of contest which involves only one viewer.
  2. Asking them to tag other users (through @mentions). With each @mention, providing a chance to win.
  3. Asking the entrants to upload their own posts (photos, updates, etc.) by using your contest-specific hashtag. This type of contest requires greater participation and personal content of the participant; user-generated content (UGC).
  4. Among other types of contests are those which require the participant to enter their email address or those in which one has to take a picture with the product and post it with the contest’s hashtag, etc.

a. After having decided type of contest, set up the rules for entering into the contest explicitly and communicate those rules to the audience.

b. The duration of the contest is very important in determining its success and must be decided with great care. Most of the ideal contests are a week-long.

c. For a giveaway contest, choose a prize to be given away to the winner of the contest. The choice of the prize should be such that it should convince your audience to opt for the contest.

After executing the contest, decide the winner based on any of the methods such as random selection, judgement, voting by the others, lucky draw, etc. Once the winner has been decided, make an announcement regarding the winner in your Instagram feed so as to promote the winner, and your brand indirectly. Tell your audience to stay tuned to your page for further contests.

So if you’re running low on Instagram following or rating of your brand, make your presence felt by kicking off an Instagram contest!

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