How to Set Up the Perfect Home Office

How to Set Up the Perfect Home Office

Setting up your home office correctly can be the difference between a productive workflow and a messy disaster. It’s not as simple as putting a computer on a desk and getting started, it takes careful planning and some active effort! This article will give you some helpful pointers to create a working environment in your home that helps you get the most out of your time.

Choosing the room

The most crucial choice is the room itself, because it doesn’t matter how well you’ve got it set up, if the room is inadequate you’re doing to struggle. The main point to consider is the size of the room (can you fit a desk, shelfing, filing cabinets in it easily?). Measure out the room and create a floor plan before you start buying furniture and other large items you’ll need for your office.

Does the room have a lot of natural light? That’s the second question you’ll need to ask after making sure it’s the right size. Studies show that getting a good amount of natural light can increase mood and productivity exponentially, so if you can choose a room with large windows. Just remember and plan it out so that your computer monitor won’t directly be facing where the light comes in.

Finally don’t get caught out with power sockets, a room can fit all other criteria but lack of power sockets can cripple you. Make sure that your chosen room has a) enough sockets and b) they are in the right place for your computer and other electronics.

Furnishing the office

The next step once you’ve found the right room for your office is to furnish it properly. This is one step you don’t want to cheap out on as office furniture; especially your choice of office chair as your comfort and health depends on it.

A nice desk is a desirable but not essential, as long as your computer sits on top of it nicely and there is enough space to work on then it will do. Don’t forget about space for a printer though, which is often only considered as an afterthought.

Again not an essential, but having some nice décor or wall art helps elevate mood and make the office a little more inhabitable. Staring at blank walls can really rot your mind, especially when you’re trying to work on something creative.

Helpful aids

There are some small aids you can use to hyper-boost you productivity to the next level in a home office. Small white boards are an absolute miracle when it comes to thinking out loud and can fit into any home office.

If you don’t have the wall space for a white board or find them aesthetically displeasing then sticky notes perform a similar function, although they are easier to ignore so use them strategically.

Finally if you’re not into manually planning your ideas and tasks then a digital voice recorder is a fantastic piece of kit for recording quick voice notes, thoughts and meetings.

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