Top Five Fitness Social Networks

Top Five Fitness Social Networks

Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, there are hundreds of apps on both Android and iOS that push you to go above and beyond your fitness goals. The choices can seem overwhelming- and it is hard to discover the perfect app. That is why we have compiled here top 5 interest-based fitness social networks that we think you must try. You just need to figure out which digital fitness assistant is apt for you. These fitness apps will help you try new exercises, track your diets, count your calories and share your accomplishments with your friends.

Fitocracy: This app takes your fitness target to another level. It helps people to impress their fitness with the help of gamification. This training app gives you points for each exercise you record. You can also earn props and badges for completing any level or milestone.

The app also allows you to sign up for challenges with other Fitocracy users as well your friends. The best part of this app is you can log all types of workouts, from martial arts to free weights. It can be downloaded for free on both Android and IOS devices.

Endomondo: We all know that there are numerous benefits of walking. And this free fitness app helps you keep track of your progress in distance-based activities, such as walking, running or cycling. It measures the distance you have covered, duration, pace along with the number of calories you have burned.

Once you log in on, all your data will be already saved in your online personal training diary. You can also invite your friends through this app. In the pro version (paid) of the app, you can also choose the interval-based training programs where an audio coach will manage and keep your exercises on the track.

Daily Mile: It is a Twitter-like website that helps you track as well as share your workout progress. Whether you are cycling, running or walking, you can post about your exercise in your Facebook account.

Also, the information related to your workout routine can be posted on Daily Mile’s home page feed. Sharing your workout routines and accomplishments will motivate your pals at the same time.

Strava: This social networking app will help compete against other cyclists as well as runners. Well, this app is a little less social and more competitive. In this app, you do not earn points for workouts but can view as well as compete with other athletes, runners or cyclists using “segments”.

You just need to define a Segment on Strava and the network tracks all people who crossed the trail. Also, it uploads the stats (time, distance, speed, power) of all the users automatically to the server. Additionally, the Leaderboard of each segment allows you to see your rank in these races.

MyFitnessPal: It is the best app to track the number of calories you have burned through the exercise. You can also update your workout status on Facebook and share it with your friends. MyFitnessPal allows you to track cardio workouts effortlessly as it is integrated with lots of third-party apps as well as electronic devices, including Siwmsense, Fitbit, etc.

With the help of this app, you can create healthy recipes or go back to the original recipe website to see cooking directions. The recently cooked recipe will appear at the top of your recipe list.



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