3 Ways to Prevent Workplace Headaches

3 Ways to Prevent Workplace Headaches

We’ve all had the experience when you get to work and immediately feel the pressure or pain that comes along with an headache. While you can nurse yourself back to normal while at home, being on the job or at your business doesn’t often lend itself to being able to take the time you may need to get your head back on straight. So to help limit the amount of times that this happens to you while at work, here are three things you can do that will help prevent those workplace headaches from coming on in the first place.

Come to Work Prepared

How your head feels at work can have a lot to do with what you did to prepare the night before. When you neglect to take good care of your body one day, the following day is often when you start to feel the effects of that, and this is true with headaches as well. According to Madeline R. Vann, a contributor to EverydayHealth.com, not drinking enough water, not sleeping well, or skipping a meal can make you more susceptible for a headache the following day. So if you know you have to be on your game for work tomorrow, be sure you take good care of yourself the night and morning before so you can come to work prepared for your day.

Be Careful With Your Eyes

For many people, their eyes can be a big trigger point for developing headaches. Especially if you work at a computer or in a very bright room for your career, you likely will need to be extra careful with your eyes to keep them from being too vulnerable. To help with protecting your eyes, Lisa Zamosky, a contributor to WebMD.com, recommends taking measures to keep bright light from coming directly into your eyes. This could include using a screen protector over the monitor of your computer, using dimmer lighting settings, or moving away from harsh overhead lighting.

Stretch It Out

Aside from exterior headache triggers, you can also get a headache from feeling too stressed within your own body. Luckily, TheDailyMind.com writes that you can easily prevent this stress from building to an unhealthy level by routinely stretching out your neck and shoulders. In fact, they claim that by spending just a few minutes stretching your neck, you can help prevent hours of headache issues. However, if you already have problems with your neck and shoulders, be sure you speak to your doctor before trying any intense stretching routine that could exacerbate problems you’re already trying to work through.

If you frequently get headaches while at work, consider using some of the tips mentioned above to help you preventing new headaches from ruining your workday.

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