4 Tips to Get More Leads With Your Real Estate Website

4 Tips to Get More Leads With Your Real Estate Website

If you are a real estate agent who has decided to build a real estate website to collect leads online, then you must also be looking for ways to ensure that the website does its job very well and gathers as many leads as possible. And to make things easier for you, we list below four tips that can help your website get more leads.

Fast Loading

If your website takes too much time to load, then you are most probably losing out on customers. People have very little patience. When they type in a URL into the browser and hit enter, they expect the website to load in just a few seconds. But if the website keeps on showing the ‘loading’ sign for more than 10 seconds or so, then a substantial number of visitors will close your site without even having seen its content. Now, even if they manage to stick around and browse through your site, the slow loading times will definitely leave a bad impression on them. And some visitors, who may have given you their email and phone numbers, would choose not to do so. So, make sure that your website loads in less than 10 seconds, no matter which device is used to access it.

Attractive Landing Pages

Generally, attractive websites are often seen as trustworthy and professional by many people. This is true with real estate lead generation websites also. When a visitors comes to your landing page, it might be the only time you ever have a chance to collect their info. So, be sure to design the landing page in a way that reflects class, style, and trust. Also, make sure that there are not too many fields to fill in. Many landing pages make the mistake of adding 10 to 15 fields for the customers to fill. Do not do this. Doing so can drive away some customers as they might not like to share too much information with a person they barely know about. So, keep the fields to a minimum, possibly to just the name, email and phone number.

Displaying Contact Info

Most websites tend to provide the contact info in the footer. But you should make sure that you display your contact info right at the top of the website. Why? Because people may not scroll down the page right to the bottom. As such, if you place the contact info in the footer, it can go unnoticed. But making the contact info available right at the top means that all visitors will inevitably see it. And if you can squeeze in a tiny form at the top, then better.

High Quality Photos And Videos

When uploading photos and videos of the properties for sale, you should make sure that they are of high quality. Don’t use a low-end phone camera to take some pictures and then post them on the website. Not only will the photos look amateurish but the visitors might get the impression that you are not a professional agent.

So, try out the above tips on your real estate website and you are sure to collect more leads. Just remember to follow up the visitor inquiries as soon as you can. The more you delay contacting them, the more you risk losing their interest.

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