4 Ways to Use Promotional Items in Your Marketing Strategy

4 Ways to Use Promotional Items in Your Marketing Strategy

While discussions about marketing tend to focus on search engine optimization and social media, the reality is that the tangible product still goes a long way in marketing your brand, converting people into customers and generating customer loyalty. The this is why tangible promotional items remain a popular marketing method. Let’s look at four ways to use promotional items in your marketing strategy.

Free Samples to Convert Those in the Sales Funnel

A popular use of free samples is sending them out to people who request them. If they like the product, the hope is that they’ll buy it in the future. A variation of this tactic is to include free samples of your items in treasure boxes sent out to people who want a little bit of everything for the novelty or to figure out what works for them. In this case, you don’t have to set up a system to receive requests for free samples but simply hook up with someone else sending out the boxes of many different free samples. You can combine these sample boxes with influencer marketing by intentionally sending free samples to bloggers and YouTubers to try and, hopefully, recommend to their followers.

Reminders of Your Business to Generate Repeat Business

Many restaurants send out menus with game schedules or other useful information so that the customer keeps coming back to look at the lists and sees the brand’s information as well. After so many trips, they’ll be quite likely to buy from you. Realtors often send out free calendars or buy branded wholesale coffee mugs for marketing and give them out so that they are in their clients’ minds the few times their services are ever required, whether for themselves or someone they are talking to. Or, you can send free samples of your related product lines to entice existing customers to try and encourage them to buy other products.

Rewarding Repeat Customers

People appreciate getting free items. It feels like a gift, even if it is a keychain or free sample of your latest product as a reward for buying several items from you. These small gifts are often cheaper than the 10% and 20% discount codes that you might otherwise offer to reward repeat customers to entice them to continue ordering from you. Continually used items like free branded pens or mugs will both make customers feel appreciated now and promote your brand to anyone else who uses them.

Rewarding Your Brand Ambassadors

Suppose someone is creating highly viewed videos talking about your product or service. Sending them a box full of swag as a thank you will make them love you even more and tell the world how much they love your business. Even average consumers posting positive reviews online could be rewarded with small branded items, whether coffee mugs with the company logo on it or free samples of the product. Before you balk at making items to give away, remember how well a happy customer wearing your shirt will promote your brand.

Promotional items are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to get your brand out there. Make sure that you apply some of the methods in this article if you want to make the most of them.

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