5 Things You Need To Know About Content Marketing To Be Successful

5 Things You Need To Know About Content Marketing To Be Successful

With the rise in technology, the industry for content marketing plays a big role in supporting other industry. In fact, it paves the way for many rising companies in promoting their products and services. Aside from that, content marketing itself is prospected to turn its worth to a $300 billion commerce by the start of 2019.

Even though the demand for content marketing remains high, some marketers still fail to comply with the needs and standards. And the main reason for their fiasco is the lack of strategy. Based on a study from Altimeter, about 70 percent of marketers do not have enough effective and consistent content marketing strategy.

However, the solution for that is to study and have a deep understanding of how content marketing actually works. After that, formulate some strategy will help your content marketing grow even farther. Here, we’ve rounded up five points that you should keep in your mind to have a successful content marketing.

1. Know your ideal buyers

This is no different from marketing in other industries. In content marketing, you should aim for a certain audience. Once you find out who is your ideal buyers, you can modify your content depending on their needs and wants. Also, you can alter the way of your approach in content marketing depending on the disposition of your clients.

Some of the things that you need to consider are the details that they are finding, styles of content that they prefer and how they want it to be served. Most of the customers involved in content marketing use various social media platforms daily that is why social media marketing is also a vital aspect in knowing your ideal customers. If you do this, the activities related to your content will increase.

2. Apprehend your clients’ needs

Most of the people who are considered the ‘customers’ in content marketing are always looking for something with the help of the contents.  In short, you need to alter your contents in such a way that it would be easier for the clients to get an answer from their painstaking questions.

Aside from that, as you engage with your clients, you will find out the explanations as to why they choose or avoid contents from you. Although some of your clients don’t really have a permanent preference. Some only consider the contents from various social media influencer even though they don’t need or the content is somehow out of their original choice.

If you successfully addressed their concerns through your content, then the outcome will be higher interactions and shares of your content on different social media platforms.

3. Join the ‘viral’ wave

One of the most important thing that you should remember about content marketing is this: the readers are humans, not robots. With that in mind, the contents should be engaging and interesting.

Choosing a topic that interests the majority of your audience is a big edge when it comes to marketing your content. Also, consider adding trendy topics as they attract more customer. Existing viral niches are also plausible in having fresh content as long as it has a twist. At the same time, you can join the ‘viral’ wave that charms many readers.

Also, content marketing continues to evolve and along with that are many changes with regards to the preferences of their clients. Being unable to follow the trend will make the content obsolete or maybe unfollowed by its clients.

4. Make use of other channels

Producing contents is never enough to get a certain benefit. In order to engage in content marketing, one must find a way to convey it to its audience. Without the proper dissemination, it will be difficult to be prosperous in the field content marketing.

In addition to that, one of the main goals of content marketing is to grasp more audience. It seeks a large number of people, but if your content will only stay in one place which is not findable at all, then your marketing is already a failure.

One marketing website even noted that great and expert contents are useless without the proper use of certain channels. Some of the essential sharing channels and ways are the following:

  • Email promotions
  • Social media platforms
  • Optimizing search engines

5. Evaluate the progress

There is no other way to find out if you are successful in content marketing aside from monitoring your progress. Having a low audience at the beginning is just normal but getting continuous low views in a long time is considered a flunk. The problem is, only a few people check the progress in their content marketing.

In fact, a research conducted by Digital Marketing Institute concluded that only a small percentage that is around 8% of marketers think of themselves prosperous in trailing the activities in their content marketing.

Evaluating the reach of your content is the only way to measure affirmative progress. Even if the change is big or small, affirmative or negative, you still need to be aware of what is the status of your content marketing. To aid you with that, here is some well-known content marketing progress tracker:

  • Conversion rate
  • Leads
  • Social shares
  • Team performance
  • Traffic

However, for those who can’t afford these tools, Google Analytics offers the same service for free. On a related note, Pathful and SpyFu are some paid service tools that will provide an in-depth result.


Content marketing is something that already exists before. With the help of technology, it went into a huge change throughout the years. And in today’s world, it is one of the biggest industry which is still increasing its worth. Although it is indeed a prominent and huge industry right now, many marketers still flop in content marketing. And the main reason is having no tactic in producing and disseminating their content.

Similar to any business out there, there are some vital things that you need to know and consider when it comes to marketing. In content marketing, you need to know your ideal buyers, apprehend your clients’ needs, join the ‘viral’ wave, make use of other channels and evaluate your progress. These simple steps will absolutely help you make your content marketing success.

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