10 Offline Marketing Strategies Every Business Should Use

10 Offline Marketing Strategies Every Business Should Use

With the rise of the internet and popularity of smartphones, marketing has undergone a paradigm shift. The different channels that are used for talking to leads and customers on a daily basis are evolving such as tweeting your news, establishing a Facebook page and sending sale push notifications. There is no doubt that that these platforms are quite effective, but the most successful business practices in terms of marketing is to combine online and offline marketing strategies for generating leads and boosting sales. Branded giveaways such as shirts or pens, sidewalk ads and local donations are some excellent examples of offline guerrilla marketing as they are simple strategies that can be useful for spreading the business name in subtle yet powerful ways.

Here are the 10 offline marketing strategies that you should combine with online ones:

1.   Distribute business cards wherever you go

This is on top of the list because it is the easiest and cheapest option. You can pin your business cards on public bulletin boards, pass them out to businesses and neighbors or even slip them into relevant magazines and books at the library or the doctor’s office. They might be a tiny thing, but distributing business cards holds a lot of potential.

2.   Give speeches at events

If there is an event coming up that’s related to your industry, you might consider speaking there. This can be great for leaving a lasting impression on those who are part of your industry and also provides a visual representation of your company and its offerings. Even if you don’t think you can give a speech, attending these events is still valuable as it allows you to network and build relationships that are lasting.

3.   Make use of print advertising

While online media has risen in popularity, print media still is one of most useful offline marketing methods and can give a proper return on investment. You can talk with a newspaper or magazine about a press release that will target your audience. They are a simple way of showcasing an important milestone or event for the business. You can get the desired attention with the right publication. In addition, also consider flyer distribution and integrate it with your online marketing by providing details of your website to get traffic. Distribute your flyers in specific areas where you expect your target audience to be.

4.   Use snail mail

Yes, this might be the age of email, but this doesn’t mean you cannot send snail mail. You would be surprised to know how many of your potential customers enjoy getting physical offers. Moreover, in today’s age, this offline marketing strategy will also help you in standing out amongst your competitors, who have most likely switched to email-only. You can send product updates, coupons, newsletters and product samples for advertising purposes and it gives a more personal touch.

5.   Do some cold calling

You need to make a list of possible clients and give them a call. However, you have to have a cold-calling strategy beforehand. The conversation needs to be tailored according to the needs of every customer and you need to be mindful of their needs and time. Even though it is considered a sales move, cold-calling can actually aid in building collaborative relationships with other companies and can also get you some customers.

6.   Go to trade shows

You and your rivals are under the same roof in trade shows. You can have a look at their marketing materials and get a firsthand look at their pitch and get an overall insight into their tactics. Furthermore, they are also a wonderful opportunity for showcasing your products and services and marketing your brand name. You can also do plenty of networking here.

7.   Give your presentation or packaging a boost

You need to reevaluate your presentation if you wish to strengthen your brand. What is your position as compared to the competition? Remember that looks are very important and your design and branding can speak volumes. Maybe your looks have become outdated and it is time to refresh them to send a positive message to your customers, both existing and prospects.

8.   Consider door hanger distribution

Door hanger distribution is similar to flyer distribution with the difference being that cardboard or plastic signs are made for hanging on doors. In this way, you can rest assured that they are going to be seen by your customers when they open the door. It provides you with exposure, is cost effective and gets good visibility.

9.   Celebrate your successes

Whenever you achieve a goal or objective, you need to share your success with everyone by hosting a party or a gathering. It can be anything from landing a big partnership or introducing a new service. You can spread the word through the local press as well as online media. This is the time for you to acknowledge your team and encourage them to achieve future successes. Your celebrations are going to generate considerable buzz and capture the attention of your target market.

10.   Sponsor an event or donate something as a prize

Another way of creating brand awareness and putting your business in the headlines is to sponsor a competition or event. Your name is going to be everywhere. If you host a fundraiser, your name is automatically going to be in the spotlight and you will also have control of the merchandise. You can give out branded discount cards, pamphlets, coupons or even products. You will be able to create a positive brand image this way. If you don’t have the finances of sponsoring an entire event, you can simply donate your product or gift certificates for services as a prize in competitions. You can also get referrals when winners use your products and spread the word about their experience.

The cost and effort required in these offline marketing strategies may vary, but they are bound to give you a good ROI if you are dedicated. Plus, as most businesses are no longer using them, it might give you the edge you need to move a step ahead of others in the market.

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