Team Environments: How Open Floor Plans Can Increase your Productivity

Team Environments: How Open Floor Plans Can Increase your Productivity

You may or may not have come across a relatively new term in business – coworking. This is basically the concept of individual contract workers, freelancers and small businesses working in shared office spaces that are open to encourage collaboration among businesses from similar sectors. Even big internet firms like Google and Facebook are opting to house staff in more open floor plan environments where they can work flexible hours and come and go on their own terms.

For many business-owners, passing on this level of responsibility to employees may seem to be concerning but the fact is, the way we work has changed. Now we’re firmly in the digital age, there’s really no reason why many of us can’t work wherever we choose to. Improved digital communication makes working remotely a much more feasible today than ever before. In fact, more and more millennials have a strong expectation of working in a flexible environment and they consider the 9-5 grind and the daily commute as very much belonging in the past.

Flexible Office Space Rental is perfect for Small Businesses

These days, having a trendy office space near the center of town is not exclusive to larger more profitable businesses. We are seeing more and more open floor plan workspaces that offer a shared office environment, generally on really flexible payment terms too. This come and go approach to office supply is perfect for the increasing numbers of self-employed and freelance workers we’re seeing in the labor force today. The benefit from the business owner’s point of view is that rented offices have full management and so there’s less financial commitment tied up in office provision for small firms watching their budgets.

One of the most crucial aspects of starting a new business in the early days is budgeting. Many small businesses feel they can’t afford to spend on premises what they need for their operation. Office space doesn’t need to be that expensive and with short-term leases available, there’s no need for a large financial commitment. The other benefit of rented offices is that all the extra on-costs of utilities and property management are absorbed by the office provider, saving your own business a considerable sum of money.

Let your Business Grow in a Rented Office!

You may think that where you work from doesn’t really impact your products, services or even your relationships with your customers – but it does. Your workspace represents your business ethos and if it’s a sloppy area with everyone sitting on top of each other surrounded by piles of unfiled paperwork, then it delivers the wrong message to new clients walking through the door.

A rented office ensures your business always has its best foot forward and that you’re located somewhere it’s easy for employees to get to you and prospective clients to find you too. The advantages of professional and productive office space to rent are too much to list but just consider the successes of the digital giants Google and Facebook who house their entire staff in flexible offices and apply that to your own business for future growth.

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