5 Reasons Your Startup Needs to Hire a Writer

5 Reasons Your Startup Needs to Hire a Writer

You’ve got the greatest idea in the world, the next big thing, and your startup just got funded. It’s time to hire, and start building your empire. You have a list of the positions you need to fill, but one vital one is missing: a writer.

You can write some, and you think some of your other people can write too. Why do you need to hire a writer? Here are some solid reasons.

Proofreading and Spelling Mistakes

You got funding, and that is great, but you are about to put your big idea out there into the world. For many people, the first impression they will have of you and your company will be something that has been written about you, or the content on your website.

It starts even earlier. The first impression they have will be your domain name, one of the first things they see on your marketing material. Before you open a domain name search tool, find a name, and just buy it, a writer can look at your ideas to make sure they are REAL.

  • Relevant: Your domain name should be relevant to you or what you do.
  • Easy: Your domain name should be easy to say and spell. If your name is unusually hard to spell or easy to misspell, choose an alternative domain.
  • Abbreviated Carefully: When you abbreviate your name or website, what does it spell? Sometimes it is something inappropriate or unfortunate. You don’t want to be known by the initials of the American Ski Society.
  • Literally Interpreted: When you run your name together or that of your business, what spelling results. Choosespain.com (Choose Spain) is a great example.

Every item that goes out of your company, from web page content to press releases, should be read and re-read, proofed for errors, and preferably written by someone who is an expert at creating those things.

Many things can turn off prospective clients and customers, and proofreading and spelling mistakes are sure to make them think twice.

The Need for Clear Communications

You know what you are talking about, or you would not be where you are today. However, can you translate that so that a normal person who is not a part of your industry can understand it? Can you write what you know in a clear and concise way?

Often the job of a writer is not to come up with new ideas or new content, but to take what you already know and want to communicate to your customers and translate it. A good writer will help you take the complex ideas you have and make them simple and understandable.

Clear communication is essential for your customers to make an informed buying decision, and the more informative you are, the better.

You also need clear communication in your internal documents, from employee policies and benefits to job descriptions and expectations. A good writer will help you clearly communicate both internally and externally.

Expert Content Created by an Expert

For your website to rank with Google and other search engines, you need to not only be seen as an authoritative expert in your field, you need to have the endorsement of other experts. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Although this has a lot to do with SEO, Google also looks at the quality of the information you provide on your website, especially blog content. They also look at who wrote the content. You need expert content created by experts including you.

A good writer can ghost write for you, or simply polish your writing. They can also lend the expertise associated with their name to your blog and website content. Many writers work on a freelance basis, and may know other expert writers who can also contribute to your site.

The Reality of SEO

You do have a content marketing plan, right? The reality of SEO and Google rankings is that to rank well you must provide the visitors to your website good content housed in a great user experience.

That content, housed on your blog, should answer customer questions, address pain points, and provide them with information not only related to your products, but to your entire industry.

Typically, a writer comes with more than just writing credentials. They can do research on what questions people are asking in your industry and help you rank for those queries by writing well about them. This is a part of content strategy, which encompasses far more than just good writing.

Getting Social

Where will your leads and organic traffic come from? A large amount of it will come through social media connections.

This means that you will need to create social media profiles if you have not already. The information in those profiles needs to precisely relate to what you do, and make it clear to the follower who you are.

Also, every post you send out represents you and your brand. They need to be proofread for spelling and grammar, and just as clear as your other communications.

You need a writer. Maybe more than one. Your time and that of your staff is better spent elsewhere. Expertise in the area of communication is as essential as it is in app development and other areas. Hire the best, and save yourself a lot of heartache later on.

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