Signs of the Times: Promoting Your Business With Graphics

Signs of the Times: Promoting Your Business With Graphics

When it comes to promoting your business, you’re going to have to become better at using signage to your advantage. There is physical signage, and there is digital signage. In today’s modern competitive business world, you are going to have to become an expert at both to create the brand identity that will be the most successful.

You can utilize hanging signs, digital banners, video advertising, and cards and flyers all as parts of your signage practice. If you use all of them in conjunction with appropriate graphics, then you’ll see that your brand becomes more recognizable over time within the greater context of your business.

Hanging Signs

If you haven’t brick and mortar store, especially if it is sandwiched between other places, then you know the importance of hanging signs. Particularly if you don’t have a large storefront that faces the street, your hanging sign is going to be the most visible part of your exterior presentation. Choosing the right colors, the right size, and the right sort of graphics to go on it will all be part of the overarching decision. Next time you’re walking down a corridor for businesses, look to see what other companies have chosen to do.

Digital Banners

In the online world, there are digital banners to help you advertise your business. These digital banners can either be static or dynamic. The dynamic ones are more eye-catching, but some consumers also discount them as trying too hard and then ignore them. A solid combination of digital banners that are both static and dynamic is probably your best bet. Some of these banners can scroll from one piece of information to the next, which is another useful technique for getting more information across in the same amount of space.

Video Advertising

Video advertising can technically be considered a use of signage as well. If you find out some way to have a short video presentation on either your website pages or on those of someone else’s, then you are throwing out a digital advertising sign that points directly back to your primary product. There is a fine line between a sign in this case and strict advertising, but it is one that you must navigate.

Cards and Flyers

Whatever graphics you have chosen to use on your large store signs and your online versions of signs, you can also put those stylistically on cards and flyers. If you have a consistent branding image and style on all of your digital and physical output, you’ll be that much more recognizable to consumers at large. You should always have something to give to someone or a place to click for anyone interested in the products and services that your company offers.

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