Sticking to the Schedule: How to Navigate New York on Business

Sticking to the Schedule: How to Navigate New York on Business

New York City can be intimidating, even for a successful businessperson. It’s not the billions of dollars that run through the city’s commerce but the population and enormity of the city that’s so frightening. Don’t fret, however, since the age of tech makes it easier than ever before to weave around the city avenues to your desired location.


Those who are green-minded may walk or ride a bike to a nearby destination. Those who don’t mind burning gas and spending cash find cabs or call Uber. There’s a happy medium for those who don’t mind taking the bus. BusBusNYC tracks running buses in real time and gives you info about stops, rates, and times.

Get There By Bike

You celebrate the act of cycling, but the streets of NYC are a bit different than your usual quiet rural road. The Get There By Bike app is like a friendly riding partner who has lived in the city for years and knows all of the trails, off-road paths, streets to avoid, and best times to cruise certain thoroughfares. The app is powered by Google’s Bike-There project.


The series of underground tubes is perplexing but there’s no need to wrap your head around the engineering. Basically, you just need to step out of your New York Fairfield Inn by Marriott and get to the nearest subway station. From there, the app will give you simple directions on how to get to any other substation in the city. The app even works offline.

Downtown NYC

This is your digital pass to all things to do, eat, drink, and see downtown. Using the app also leads to discounts on admission to cultural attractions as well as dining experiences within the city. This app is convenient for those who want to know about unique attractions otherwise unknown to the common business visitor.


Find on and off Broadway show listings to fill the time between business meetings or as a nice alternative to going to bed early with nothing to do. Don’t pay full price for great shows; find tickets at discounted rates so it’s economical to bring a business partner along. Otherwise, you can check for odd showtimes that make for cheaper ticket prices.


It’s great to have all of these places to go and tools to use, but it’s inconvenient if you don’t have one place to store all of the itinerary and info. TripIt allows you to store all of your trip info in one place as well as seek alternative plans regarding flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

Grade Pending

There is a smorgasbord of eateries in New York City, but one can’t assume one falafel, steak, or corn dog is as good as the next. That’s why the Grade Pending app gives users the scoop on all things from ice cream to lobster dinners. Eateries are given a color-coded grade so you know where to sit down and when to turn away.

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