Understanding Web Hosting Before Starting a Blog

Understanding Web Hosting Before Starting a Blog

Thinking of starting a blog? If yes, then you must know few things before stating any blog or a simple website. As we know, blogging is a pleasing activity where it does not matter in the starting whether you have an online business or not. Sooner or later your blog will grow and you will convert it into a thriving online business. What you achieve with your website or blog also depends upon the web hosting you have. You need a best web hosting to start off blogging so that you can achieve financial success with your blog.

Are all the web hosting companies same?

It is not legit to say all hosting companies are same! Not all companies are same, you can differentiate companies depending on things like:

  • Hosting reliability
  • Speed and performance
  • Customer support and services

The reliability of web hosting

Reliability of the hosting is a very important thing to consider. A hosting is reliable when it provides high performance and no website problems in the future. You can rely on the hosting providers for the security of your blog. They can keep your website data secured without any harm that might cost high to your business.

Speed and performance:

The speed of the hosting server is an important factor to consider before buying a hosting plan. Your blog should have the loading time of less than three seconds. That is because studies have found that fast loading websites tend to rank higher in search engines. Loading speed is a Google ranking factor. You will have a fast loading blog if you have a server with high bandwidth.

Customer support and service:

Customer services and support is the ultimate thing that determines the reliability, quality and the brand value of the hosting provider. You need customer support for the occasional problems you may face with your live website. The problems that are commonly encountered are server down time, DNS fail, FTP problems, database problems, etc.

Other quality factors:

  • High Server uptime
  • Server locations
  • Technologies used
  • Backups
  • Provision of necessary resources.
  • Provision of the necessary application for hosting.

You do not need to spend more for good hosting!

Yes, you can get good hosting even if your budget is tight. You can go for a windows VPS hosting if you have a low budget and a what happens. And when your online business grows, you can shift to cloud hosting or dedicated server. Obliviously everything depends on the requirements, budget and the niche of the website.

To start website or blog, is it necessary to be an expert in IT?

It is a misconception that you should have special abilities for creating a website. It is not necessary to have to be strong in IT or programming. You don’t need to worry if you don’t know coding. Now there are numerous options for starting blogs. WordPress is one of the most well-know and easy platform for blogging. It is an open source platform and is easily customizable. All you need is web hosting service like a VPS, cloud hosting or professional dedicated servers. You can select a web hosting provider, get hosting, and get started with WordPress. WordPress is the most suitable platform because it does not require any expertise and it is the most customizable content management system. If you want to do a professional e-commerce site, then it is important to be aware of technical stuff like PHP, CSS, HTML and MySQL database.


WordPress makes it easy to start off with a blog but it can be but it can be difficult when it comes to choosing hosting. The reason for that is there are many hosting providers and different types of hosting and hosting offers. With the proper analysis of different types of hosting and deciding what you want to achieve with your blog, you can choose the best type of hosting for your blog.

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