4 Best CDNs to Consider for WordPress Websites

4 Best CDNs to Consider for WordPress Websites

Content Delivery Network or CDN, as it is widely known, is a network of servers for delivering cached static content from websites according to every user’s geographical location. This can do wonders for your website’s speed, which is crucial because the speed at which the website loads pages can have an impact on your rankings in search engines.

Therefore, it is vital for you to select the best CDN for WordPress sites to ensure ideal performance and user experience. There are plenty of choices you will find in the market, but some of the best CDNs to consider using for WordPress sites are mentioned as follows:

1.   MaxCDN

You will definitely come across MaxCDN if you are looking for the top CDNs for WordPress. Fast SSD drives have been incorporated in their servers and they are spread out in data centers all over the globe. Installing and setting up this content delivery network is immensely easy. It works quite well with popular WordPress plugins including WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. There is a beginner-friendly control panel provided that allows you to manage your CDN. It is useful for viewing reports, purging cache, setup locations and a number of other functions.

2.   Cloudflare

This particular content delivery network is renowned because it is available for free for small websites. But, it is essential to remember that their free plan also includes limited DDoS protection and doesn’t have the same features you can find in the paid plans. Setting up Cloudflare CDN for WordPress sites is quite straightforward. This CDN can automatically cache any static content as it has a huge network of servers distributing globally. The control panel is also easy to use for monitoring performance and cleaning up the cache.

3.   Sucuri

This is a well-known website company and offers a powerful CDN and firewall for WordPress sites. In this way, Sucuri can offer your website protection from malware, DDoS attacks and othet WordPress security threats. All user requests are first scanned by the firewall before sending them to your host server. This allows it to block many malware, spam and DDoS attacks. Furthermore, their anycast servers are present all around the world so your users will always have access to the fastest servers. Security and speed are the dual benefits their firewall can offer.

4.   KeyCDN

Another good option to consider when you are looking for CDN for WordPress is this one. They can offer you a reliable and powerful network of servers all across Europe, North America and Asia and Pacific regions. Setting it up is quite easy on different platforms including WordPress. The plans also comprise of custom and free SSL, Restful API support, DDoS mitigation, a powerful control panel and SSD servers. Another huge benefit of this content delivery network is that provides you with pay as you go plans, which means you only have to pay for what you use instead of making fixed monthly payments. This can be cost effective for your websites.

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