Blue Hole Of Belize: Can It Help Understand the Disappearance Of Mayan Civilization?

Blue Hole Of Belize and the Disappearance Of Mayan Civilization?

Starting sometime during the 2000 BC, the Mayan civilization grew to be one of the most advanced and intelligent civilizations that ever graced the earth, until around 800 to 900 AD when it collapsed.  What could have led to the disappearance of such a civilization that had mastered agriculture, architectural excellence, hieroglyphic writings, and mathematics? According to researchers, the discovery of the Blue Hole of Belize might end the mystery that shrouds the demise of such a great civilization.

What is the Blue Hole of Belize?

The Great Blue Hole of Belize is a lagoon, or a giant underwater sinkhole situated off the coast of the city of Belize in the Central American country that goes by the same name. Surrounded by caves and reefs, it is this very lagoon that has offered new clues to archaeologists, leading them closer to the mystery behind the disappearance of the Mayans. This 400 feet–deep, 1000 feet wide submarine cave in the barrier reef has strongly supported the theory of climate change to be the cause behind the demise of the Mayan civilization, as reported by the

The recent findings

If the recent findings are to be believed, then the evidence that has been found in the Great Blue Hole of Belize could put an end to all the speculations and assumptions that have been doing the rounds regarding the Mayans.

The ratio between titanium and aluminum, found in the minerals that have been extracted from the Blue Hole and its nearby lagoons had helped the scientists to determine the approximate time when the Mayans experienced terrible drought. The drought would have led to a glitch that has been found to be the reason due to which the monsoon may have moved along the Yucatan Peninsula during the time of drought, probably leading the Mayans to encounter a natural catastrophe which may have caused them to become extinct. It has also been concluded that the Mayans may have had rain again, but the occurrence of a draught once again finally wiped them completely, making them a modern-day myth and mystery.

So, the Conclusion is…

With the recent findings in the Blue Hole of Belize, the correlation between climate change and Mayan extinction has become stronger than ever. With more research done on the lagoon, the more it has become evident that there’s a very strong possibility that it was climate change that had precipitated the downfall of the Mayans.

The disappearance of the iconic Mayan civilization is one of the greatest mysteries that are yet to be solved entirely, and perhaps it will remain a mystery until the end of time. And with the discovery of the information related to the Blue Hole of Belize that strongly supports the theory of climate change as the primary cause leading to the extinction of the Mayans, the truth behind the mystery of the Mayan civilization could finally be unveiled.

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