How Effective Is Your Blue Light Filter

How Effective Is Your Blue Light Filter

People everyday are straining their eyes by using mobile phone and tablet devices for long periods of time. This can cause long term effects in the future. Making your vision weaker and harder to focus. Luckily you can now purchase blue light protection to avoid any damage. In this article we will discuss just how effective having a blue light filter can be.

What is a Blue Light Filter?

Blue light comes from mobile phone, tablet and nearly every device screen you can think of, this is bad for the eyes and can cause damage in the future. This can cause eye strain and headaches. On some devices you have the option to turn the blue light off.

Thankfully now you can buy anti blue light glasses that help dim the extent of the light. A blue light filter is a product that allows you to stare at a screen but do not get the effects of the light, e.g the eye strain. It’s also highly recommended to wear computer glasses.

To date, there is apps available for Smart phones, laptops, tablets and ipads. You will find these downloads in your device’s settings or app store.

To be safe and to protect your eyesight and focus it is highly recommended to make sure you have blue light protection.

Why is Blue Light bad for the eyes?

Blue Light is bad for the eyes because it reaches much deeper than any other light, hitting particles that,if exposed to any light source can cause damage to the retina. Blue Light can also cause AMD also known as, Age related macular degeneration. This is why it is important for everyone to take safety precautions, not only the people who are at a higher risk.

What safety precautions can you make?

There is many different safety precautions you can take to ensure you are protected against blue light. Computer glasses are recommended by opticians to help keep the eyes focused whilst looking at a screen for a long time. You can also buy anti blue light glasses from specific retailers.

Downloadable mobile apps for smart phones and tablets. These allow you to turn the blue light setting off on your devices, ensuring you have a healthy, strain free browse.

More up to date devices simply have a ‘blue light off’ button, retailers have become more aware of the dangers of blue light therefore have no made it more simple to deter us from it.

Do not spend more than 3-4 hours sat watching tv in one sitting, televisions use Uv settings and this can make your eyes dry and unfocused.

When is Blue Light at a dangerous level?

Not all blue light is dangerous, not all is that strong. Many people do not realise the dangers because they cannot see the light as being blue. Blue light comes in the form of short wavelengths. The light spectrum usually goes in three sections.

Other visible light – 500-700m Low energy

Blue Light – 380-500m Medium energy

Ultraviolet – 100-380m High energy

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